Friday, June 29, 2001

there was this lady a bit back, who Taught me Something.

I asked her how her depression was coming along. she jumped on me, saying....."i am NOT depressed!
[she really did act happy!!]
This got me to pondering: why was it that I could feel a black cloud of depression all around her even if she was smiling!
---from this event, i came to this Learning: that I could look at some people and see their whole lives:
like this-----

take a Xmas tree and tip it on its side and stare down the trunk like you were sighting down a rifle. you would see the round trunk-base and you would see all of the side branches in 2-D! In two dimensionalness, you would see the furtherest away branches as being right up close right next to the close branches. a hundred branches sprouting from a circle.
like: as if you looked down a narrow street that is blocks long and lined with shops and buildings and you would see all of the doors on both sides of the street: imagine that in 2-D where ALL of the doors are ten feet away...the two blocks-away door being next to the fifty foot away door.

so any person has their whole life like that! anything not worked out within them is right there in their being, right there in your face! if this lady were depressed for years, why being sorta happy for the last two hours sorta does not count as 99% of the rest of her timeline is nothin but depression!! this poor lady's depression had become a Mighty Muscle, grown big through constant excercise of use, and it will only get ever ever the bigger by her continuing in it!

My Spirit teachings tell me that THIS is what is revealed in heaven after one gets there: one's life IS in their whole being, every second of their life becomes "2-D", their very face is made up of their life, and everyone around them can see and feel that whole life: the inside becomes the outside---no More Lies, to others, to self!
thus, my teachings tell me, that after death; that the heavenly world one WANTS to go to, is the one that fits that beingness. "like attract like". thus if one wants to live in a "good" heaven, after death, one should live now on earth as if one were in that heaven, now!
THAT is "7,934 books on morality and ethics"! tis simple: live on earth as if you were in that wonderfull heaven of your imaginings...and when the body-garment comes off at death, the naked Cultivated Soul, will become the outer garment and draw you to that wonderfull heaven, as like attract the like!