Saturday, June 30, 2001

speaking of my childhood, there was that house in upstate where in the wintertime the winds would howl endlessly.! sometimes that house would feel like it was strapped to a flatcar, roaring across Kansa at 70mph! one morning i woke up to a three foot arcing plume of snow, arcing from a crack in the window onto the floor three feet from the window!
i dared to look outside!
swirrling massess of snow passing by at maybe 60mph!! ugh!
feb march april even! snow to the eyeballs, i saw a man carve his car out of a snowdrift, that was of concrete of hardness!!

now i live in tropic breezes, caressing from the Sea far away, a dewpoint of 70 on a dry day!
60 in of rain per year and there is only two kinds of rain.
drench!! the sprinkle is one the way to drench or vs versa!! the first drop hit your head you gotta run for it or soak your underwear in ten seconds or less!! i once saw a wall of rain EAT a college girl!
i mean EAT!!
all i could see was one leg protruding, kicking uselessly....from sprinkle to total rain-- was about one foot and then visibility was about ten inches and the center of your textbooks are soaked in ten seconds and you could feel like drowning!!

---can ya tell, i majored in meteorology! weather!

there is no weather in the afterlife!
all the visions that i have seen, the sky is always blue blue, like the blue on a northern June summer day.
no clouds. no sun either, as the light was all around equally, in most scenes...
oh yes i recall clouds!!
they are the clouds that form the upper boundry of the earth: maybe from a lower heaven hilltop you could see the clouds below, like if you were on top of a Appalachian mountaintop! drop down through them and you would emerge into earth.
IF anyone is interested: go read "THE YOUNGER CENTER", a written-up vision, in my archives at the files section