Saturday, June 30, 2001

oh yes, i could sit here every day and PREACH!
I am not a preacher.

I used to, when i was in the US Air Force, in the Intelligence Office [shhhh shhh shhh]!
the people around me would share something that they called "incredibilites"
---this is some past or present occurance, in life, that is just too too much! a charactiture of itself, perhaps....something just SO much that it is Incredible!

Like: that man in the 1998 Interlaken diner who had that slice of lemon pie in front of him and in three fork cutbites, the pie was gone! took him all of maybe 8 seconds to polish it off!

Like: my father's funeral during the biggest blizzard of the Year, in upstate: no one came! the undertaker lived next door and the preacher lived down the street, and his sister the Organist: that was all. just the three of them. no undertakers...just the three of them plus, 67,000,000,000,000 snowflakes.