Monday, June 18, 2001

Oh boy!
I was burned today!!
ole "psychic sensitive empath" got Hit Again-----------

went to one of those "dollar stores" in the mall a couple of hours ago. you know, the kind of store where everything is about a dollar and cheap cheap cheap, in many ways other than price. so innocent seeming, just to use a free 20 minutes to browse the "seconds' in towels and the el-cheapo plasticized crud. most of the shoppers looked angry and/or "bitchy" or maybe just "worn-by-life" looking.
second or third tier people looking at third tier goods!
when i left the store to go to Piccidily's cafeteria to eat, i seemed filled with a free floating RAGE!
rage! anger that seemed to fill my cosmos and unending and unforgiving, what a rat must feel as the Iron Boot Crushes its skull ever ever so slowly!

I saw what it was: this store! i soaked all up the vibes from that store, all of the poor people who shop there who are ever below the threshold of poverty and BELIEVE that one is measured by only being NOT in poverty and they are so so angry at having to take second or third or fourth or fifth "best" in life; taking the plastic bargains that will fall apart in a second: that set of four sponges that i got for 50 cents each may come out to absorb water like a rock does and the "scotch" tape may turn out to have ruined glue.
un-empowered people who see the tombstone not as a door but a dead end and thus these goods that they HAVE to buy is a Measurement of failure failure, and the Purchase Announces this to all who enter their house trailer!

a lesson learned; for the 964th time.....WILL it ever sink in: do NOT assume that any place is "innocent" of bad vibes. i have Psychic talant, acknowledge it!
---that resturant last year where to just sit in it IS to become depressed!
---the Bar where every chin of the cutomers has a big blister on it from rubbing the bar-counter as this town is SO economicly depressed and all the customers are depressed.
---the motel room that gave to me psychotic nightmares all night long, including one nightmare that told me the motel room caused these dreams!!
Yes, i can NOW forgive the teens for shopping at those "chic" mall stores where "things are happening" and the vibes are upbeat, if only commercially so...and Understand why upscale new age housewives hang out at the "whole Earth Natural Commercial" food store with those 150% higher prices
than "Dollercutter food supermarket", as all their upscale neighbors and friends go there and the feeling in the air is of "wholesome natural mother earth".
i coin a phrase:
all places have vibes. all goods bought are previbrated by where they were before.
be aware of your thoughts and feelings: often they are not your own and if so and unacknowledged: they will become your own!!!

and yes, any reader of this log, forgive yourself if you leave a store full of anger or depression, it is NOT your fault; be carefull where you go, the astral energy saturates every molecule of the store's goods and walls, of the collective of the shoppers!