Thursday, June 28, 2001

my hometown diner, in Interlaken...1998 or so............

oh these Yankees, especially the men who are whom i call "clunk-a-bunk" men!
they talk Literally and Factual, usually in a very loud voice that fills the room. Materially. length breadth height, only!
exhausts me to listen to them!
here is how one of these men ate a slice of lemon pie.
---the fork descends into pie and a huge hunk is took off and ate.
---again, the fork comes down.
the third bite, is now taken.
PIE IS GONE!! three forkfulls, three bites.
direct. simple. quick. ten seconds!
always takes the shortest route by Interstate drive straight through and when he tells someone of his trip he tells it in "minutes and route numbers".

I can and do spend up to 30 minutes on the same piece of pie, I balance the crust against the white goo and eat the lemon filling separatly. i always meander on any road OTHER than the interstate.

yes, pie gone in about ten seconds, this man, in interlaken Norm's diner 1998.

no Imagination. the inside is the outside and no extra stuff on the inside! His eyes are a video camera and he talks best when he plays it back *exactly* as recorded!