Thursday, June 07, 2001

made some small changes, the intro should soon reflect the egroups URL link so that i will not have to keep posting it in the log itself...

yes, tis the way of life, here i have set up a free form spirit filled log but first there has to be the foundation for it first. gotta have shoes before you walk, gotta have that cup before ya pour water into it!

as it is said by in heck can ya ever become enlightened unless there is a YOU there to become enlightened with, first! how can you get your soul saved unless you first have a soul?!!
how can you become saved unless there is a YOU?
means self.
otherwise it is your family, your friends, your culture, that is you! you do not even own your own thoughts, if there is not that ego first. that is the grail cup, then, that ego.....