Friday, June 29, 2001

just now got a letter from a list moderator.
she gives to me a stern warning! do NOT send invites out to people on this list of hers....where i sent out an invite letter for to have people come to read my weblog! i ended up, after apology to her, unsubscribing to her list as i being aspergers autistic WILL repeat and repeat anything that i enjoy doing!!
tis a CAN i remember something that offended someone last month last year?
tell me, readers, what did you have for lunch on april 23rd of 1997?
or for supper on june 27th of 1985? i can only remember what i did ten seconds ago through associations and yes that is how i think: through associational memory only, otherwise i think in picture images.

maybe that is one of the reasons why i have no career: the future can not be imagined either!
oh i have visions of my future: that is another story...

probably, i suspect, i will offend everyone soon: blog of ONE...the more i promote, the more i will be disliked!