Friday, June 29, 2001


i went ahead and unsubscribed to most of my "spiritual" list in egroups!

one thing that i learned from my several AUTISM lists that i once subed to, is that these lists are social groups of people and they have that clique and once it is formed, no outsiders are permitted unless the sign up profoundly into that groups groupthinks!
social groups---that means that most of the posts are of social chit-chat only!

i see that IS the neccessary condition, i do not bemoan this, but
I am the perpetual outsider and can not sign up to groupthinks...

ever have a deep social conversation with a friend and right in the middle of it someone else comes along and wants to talk about cats or
sewing; changing the subject utterly and you just want the person to Go Away?!
that is why i unsubscribed...even the near-death...OBE lists have their way of Offical Heaven As-it-is, truth...and dare no one come in with another differing opinion!

probably i will spend my six months to 18 months, of life, being very worldly with no prep for heaven what so ever and Just be Surprised, only thing to do is to renounce all groupthink preset expectations as to what heaven will be like when i get there.
i will probably just ask to have a cabin right down next to the Entrance, at level #one, the utter beginner's level: gotta learn your ABCs before Addition and subtraction..before algebra...before calculus!
I will ask spirit for the Kindergarden cabin, in heaven, next to the
path up from earth!!

[ precognititive dream of dec 2000 told me JUST THAT....
that i will have a cabin next to the entrance, where the soul has gone on upwards in progression and that someday i will leave that cabin and give it to a newcomer...