Thursday, June 21, 2001

Interesting how keeping this weblog, even just so far, has made me look at my day's travels though tallahassee, as if i were taking photo Snapshots! stories of encounters are like that. a story, like of a short story, a meeting or watching a particular person on the bus: i could write for hours on just one thing!
-----reminds me of that poor lady who i saw a year ago, who was going on a severe diet and was getting off of her crutches and trying to get A Positive Attitude.
well i saw her from 100 feet away, out of the bus window. she was in a whellchair and getting on the bus and she weighed just the same, it appears, as she did before her diet begun!

I wish i could give to her a positive spin, like maybe she had a definitive knee operation where once healed she will be very ok.
and the diet...maybe four generations are all fat fat! "genetics are destiny" they say and would you rather be thin but live to 40 or fat
and live to 80?! I fear that most people would opt for the thin, and at any cost!