Thursday, June 21, 2001

Interesting experience at the Bookstore cafe yesterday!

there was a very interesting lady, her clothes spoke of Intelligence and Artistry. Her speech and vibes spoke of a Intelligent person. I heard her speak about her dog and how it always Takes Command
when this dog comes into a group of other dogs[meaning: HERSELF, as dogs reflect their owners!]

I began a conversation with her.....yes she was One of the Leading Edge, talanted, People: probably some professional.

I brought up the topic of life after death and heaven.
Big Mistake: i could actually FEEL the instant and utter turn off and shut down, like of a snapping of a twig into two pieces of wood! No more was there a bond of conversation-between-strangers, of two Intelligent people!!

i been through this before: mystics have been killed for less, over the ages.
the last "cuss word" more cusswory than "fuck"...more cusswordy than even that utter word..."fat"
"the afterlife"!!

there is a road a couple of miles from my hometown in upstate new york, in the ruaral beyond. it is actually called "the Stony Lonesome Road"! that is the road i walk, facing the Darkness in the Northeast----ALONE!
this is why i have a journal....
for what I know, makes me utterly alone, having 100 or so dreamvision experiences of the afterlife!