Tuesday, June 26, 2001

in two days it will be my 60th birthday!!

a week ago i had that clock dream, with the time listed at "1:20"...the clock up in the sky.
THAT image, along with the rest of the dream sets now the meaning of my first dream with the number "120" in it......

no way even in a journal that I could convey, to even myself let alone others, the Signifigence and importance of those two dreams!

tis my arrival date into heaven , set up long ago.
"02"....as in "2002"
I may have a year, probably over six months maybe even 16 months before my "move"!!

THIS will certainly add a new SLANT and TWIST to my journal!
not only Visions but the Approach!

the chicken not only sees the Hawk circling overhead: the Hawk now sees the chicken!

---I feel a lot like the Classic Scene in the movies where the Wise Old Doctor is in his office with his Patient sitting across from him: he holds up an X-ray photo towards the light, there is a small white mass of tumor-tissue in the brain and in his liver, the patient's!
the doctor says..."I am SOO sorry Jim: malignant meylemenioa of the blastic cells: six months to a year, have your affairs in order"!!