Wednesday, June 13, 2001

I went to the earthchanges list to see what resposes there were...
here is my reply


i went to "earthchanges" to read what replies they had to my "conspiricay" post.


---onwards to computer games!

no one is interested these days in my 20 visions of heaven either...

but again, this earth is FIELD WORK! the real stuff goes on after one goes back to college after the summer field work is done with so that then one can chew and digest the gathered material. life really begins after one dies!
as i Understand what is said via mediums...just one world said to a person here on earth can generated months of study as that one word can affect hundreds of people months and months later.

but that means thousands and thousands of years could be spent just unravaling 60 years of an earthlife?
THAT is what "eternity and infinity" the terms really really mean, those words will hit home then!

just think how many people a celebrity will have to interact with, after death?!

so onward.....
ah more posting there!