Wednesday, June 27, 2001

I was reminded yesterday, as i rode the bus home, about that powerfully intense bus driver lady who told me, in smoldering anger, "Taint Nothin to do in Tallahasse but drink and go to the malls"!

I wondered about that, probably there was a hidden meaning behind that anger, she really may be saying that "I can not find a man in this town"!!

she left the job in several months, never to be seen again.

Oh, but i took her words also on face value as I hear that a LOT about Tallahassee....nothin to do here.

Here is a college town and state capital...three universites of Renoun...two public libraries...umpteen art galleries...etc...etc...

I spent about four years, in the early 1990s, living on main street in my Home Town of Interlaken new York. all of 600 souls. I lived at the very end of the business area of main street and the post office was 500 away, at the other end of the business section and that post office is 400 feet from a cornfield!

two rules did i learn there!
-----one: lock my door even if i were just to do that ten minute walk to the post office.
?!! why indeed, was not the town safe?! oh it is safe all right, but one really SHOULD lock one's door if four hours go by!!
yes, on the way to a ten minute post office i might run into five people that i know and be away all day long!
---two.....what ever you DO or even feel and think will affect everyone's lives in that town sooner or later!
Beyond "rumor mill"!!
oh the rumor mill IS the biggest industry in town...but this is more, much more, than that!
what i mean is, that anything that is done, even the color shirt you wear or the tone of voice to the shop keeper, will radiate like ripples-out from a dropped stone into the still waters of a pond, anything that is said or done or thought of, will Go Out!
why if i bend over and pick up a nail off of the sidewalk, on my way along the street, why i could make an old ladies day, as she looks out of the window and sees me doing that good deed!

---and someone here in tallahassee asked me what seemed to be SO obvious to him: "WERENT YOU BORED TO TEARS, there in Interlaken"?!
--and i said...."books on the counter half read for months, letters in piles unaswered: no time to touch them! the cafe, the walks, the internet computer, the library, the Church, the church volenteer food program, my walks to relatives and the talks with relatives, the talks, with friends and neighbors and townsfolk, the part time jobs of lawncare, the trips to Ithaca, the music meditations, the walks around town, the berrypicking, the .......
that Amtrak trip through the pineywoods of georgia where my seatmate looked out the window at the pine tress zipping by and he muttered about "how BORING all those trees were"! i replied how that i could talk for hours and hours and hours and you say not a word...about them pine trees. the trees, the bugs on them, the people who work with them, the soil, the weather, the climate, the pulpwood industry and the Tapping industry of resin, the roads in the woods, the animals and birds....

i guess it takes a boring person to be bored!