Wednesday, June 13, 2001

here is what i wrote to a lament about how utterly difficult it is for me to write or talk as i use a wholley different counsciousness than most people so that i am alsway out of sync!

---and i have 20 visions of heaven and no one is the least bit interested today! no one is interested in this age, for mysticism!! gotta be direct and to the point and very very short as there IS SO SO much to do!
--- Bxxx wrote:
> Hello folks,
> Freestone could you take another shot at explaining
> that, coming from a differnt angle or direction
> perhaps?
> That is confusing as heck. Your setting up the no
> spirit------

ah the AUTISTIC problem with writing!!
i do much much better at oral telling than in writing and my penmanship is utterly terrible and i type at hunt and peck at about 5wpm!

i tried. actually what you criticize that i should have said i DID say! but it came across so so vague as i needed to write out 15 more metaphors to do a good job of it and my typing speed and thinking does not do that.

this is NOT a storytelling age Bob! ya gotta git it out in five seconds or less; who has the time or the attention span; ithink that the very nature of counciousness has changed and today you are suppossed to do four things at once.

my father.
he was a Storyteller.
once, a few years before he died, he talked for four hours non-stop in the town diner, to a bunch of men, telling storuies of indians and geology and mines, he did ALL the talking and no one said a word for four hours not a single word. This person told me this, in that same diner, last year, recalling Dudley's life where he died tens years before and it was a kind of ulogy for him. this person said that after dudley finally had to leave and he walked out, one person there spoke out and he spoke for ALL the men there.

"it is TOO bad that he had to leave; i wanted to hear MORE"

today you would see people losing attention in ten seconds!

so that is all i can do...probably i will cease posting much to the internet as i find that my letters are ALWAYS so out of sync with the minds of everyone else's...


yes, i find that is so, my gift is in speaking NOT in writing. i butcher all of my sentences and i would do better not using the grammer and english at all. i think in pictures only and connect the images via metaphors and analogies; all of my thoughts are in analogies, i would not be able to think, otherwise!!

so probably i will just live out my few days that are left, reading newsgroups about rpg computer games and not post to political/religious news groups again! i CRINGE a bit to in a moment go to EARTHCHANGES to see what my responses will be there! they may even ignore me!

well...i will go see!