Monday, June 11, 2001

greetings to the classess of 1959---1960---1961!

here I sit, in tallahassee, fla, on a rainy morning, the air so so humid you would not belive!

a "bio" you say, Penny?! i am not so good on those open ended questions, the Autistic state of mind does not do that so well....

I myself, consider having lived an Incredible Life, in my own way, even though i never ever had a "real" career, a family, a wife, or kids or a house of my own. I had a cottage on cayuaga lake, SO lovely, and it taught to me the lesson of how July apples are SO wonderfull but soon the rot sets in and it is time to go on to the August apples: i learned from that how even good things go bad eventually as they MUST: the WISDOM of Knowing When To move On! the cottage, my "summer Shack" right on the pebbly beach!
many a wonderfull 1970s summer there: but soon the ten kids moved next door and the SECOND power plant opened across the lake and the Mussals make swimming a bitch and there are more cars on the road and Do Not Ask about the ultra power boatsfrothing up the lake; the day of Quiet fishing is over with!
i was AT the cottage one fine sunday whebn the neighbor came over to tell me that my mother Dorethy, was killed in a car accident! 1975. there were 95 cats in the Kennel and Suanna and I set our lives aside for a year and me for two or more years to Tend...the Granparents estate was not confronted by mom so that there was that three ring circus there, the AUCTION.

in 1986, i was living with suanna when she lived in southern Illinois and one morning she got up to get ready for work and went to the bathroom and she did not come out and then the ambulance had to take the door down, she fell against it and the funeral was next week. there were 150 boxes in her house and over 420 more boxes in the warehouse in Tennessee! i pent months and months just opening boxes!
some were from the mothers estate sale there were letters with last names i did not know and there were letters in quill pen and a receit from the Union army and my toilet training stool from 1945 and a ball from when i was 5! made a square on the warehouse floor 150 feet to a side, for the auctioneeer to look
at...but the gov tax people got most of it!
i had FOUR yard sales! there were two sales alone for clothes! 1200 AT LEAST pieces of clothes! PER sale! so once a morning i would roll the rooladoor open a salute the Smoky mountains and enter that warehouse, all summer and fall. finally it was done with....then Dad was on his death bed so back to Ruth Myers, his sister for ANOTHER year of being with dad and seeing him off. REAL employer was Mr Death! that was my career, i guess, in reality, everything else was just waiting at the trailhound station between bussess! only I am left now except for betty and Ruth!
there is avery interesting aricle i wrote about DAD that i will append to a few more, all from my
site that has my writings on it. my days of Interlaken may be over with as the last time i was there i got pnemonia again from the air polution...amzing how badly the air is poluted there, in rural ny in the summertime, everytime i would awalk down to norn's 1998 diner at 6 am the only thing that i could smell in the air was OZONE and Chemicals! burn my throat so...every morning all all all summer long. i do NOT do church; it is a toxic substance...the colognes, the God-awafull perfumes so strong to knock a dog down at 50 yards, the hair spray the makeup the detergents so so so strong that the box says..."spill in eye, go diect to emergancy room"!...i can never never buy used clothes at thrift shop as the chemicals bond directly to fabric molecularly forever! smell of soap so strong that if smell were sound the windows would shatter like of a bomb! that is MOST clothes.
notice that i write a whole paragraph on this...this IS the autistic way...i could write 500 pages on just this topic and do a Dudley and talk for hours on it...

so that will be it...i can not attend the events, why the fare alone would be $400 to $600 just to walk in ruth's door and on a veteran's disibility pension....why, "no", i can not come. everything is set up in our age AS IF one makes $50,000 a year, see...why that reuinion event is such that i would REALLY need to spend $100 on it alone, to do it right. $20 just for the meal. i am poor.
so, without regret or remorse. i liken myself to "kenneth scmidt" Dorethy Smcmidt's brother, who was the class shizoprnaclown, and had to leave the army, i ithink he lives in a Home, now, in geneva area!
and my brain wiring sure makes for an interesting life: AND i WILL have that reunion with you all, up there in heaven as i know heaven exists....

so here i am today, 6 2 and 130 lbs...a little gawky and slow slow...i feel out of it, but father was a rare bird, Dudley wilson, and i got the genes from him. see, folks, dudley was a BLACKSMITH and a story teller, he could and DID talk for four hours non stop and you did not say one word; he did ALL the talking and when he had to leave, everyone wanted MORE MORE of his talk!!
today, ya gotta spit it out in ten seconds or less: git to the point, the attention span is not there and it should NOT be as there is so so much to attend to!
a whole new way of counsciuosness....And i am of the *very* old school!
to bed by 8pm and up at six and eat my supper at 3! any ONE of what i wrote here i could myself talk for hours on, as i think in pictures only and thus why i bombed so much from my college of FSU, florida state, in the 60s, here in tallahassee....

I have had many many visions of the afterlife worlds and talked to all of my relatives there and many two way conversations too! THAT is one of the high points of my 40-odd years of adult life! manysuch trips to heaven only a few of what i have written up yet.
----oh i was sent to japan, in the air force, i worked there two years....
---i nearly died myself from pnomonia in 1993.....20 days in the hospital and weighed 118.
only pnumonia, not TB or HIV!

that is my bio for my class, i will copy it and send it by snail mail and e-mail!
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freestone wilson