Thursday, June 21, 2001

---further comments upon that wheelchair lady on the bus, that i wrote of just below this post[ better go down and read it first!].
yes, I feel slightly remorsefull that i seemed to put her down a bit, in that post. here she was, last year SO hopefull, hopefull that she would get her life, after her accident and that she began to feel so much better after losing 80 pounds; she could walk better without the cane so much!
was i cynical, when i saw that, not really!
I felt the emotional unfelt-need, in her. probably why that diet failed so....She spent four-bus-miles a day telling her seatmate-friend about how her "ex" was now making her life so miserable, even after four years and her child BEING the ammo for the fight!! for months everyday she talked only this....
funny, these woman libers do not recognize what i sense is hardwired into the very brain of ladies: they are made to have a relationship like water is made to have to have a cup to hold it before any use can be made of it to drink! little emotionbal maturity, perhaps: this bus lady. comes with being, maybe a "young soul". she may feel that only an external man could fill something inside of her, something within that she did not get as a child: part of life is Understanding that the Inner Self and its Spirit connection with the where it is at.
[us men have the "sin" of feeling that we are nothing without a job..."I AM a Banker, I AM a Professor of History...etc..etc.. look at the retired men who sit around the chairs like string-marrienets with the strings cut!]

but i have to remind myself over and over, with the light of my Knowledge that i have Been Given, via Spirit: that in the light of REINCARNATION all of us were *JUST* like her, once...a young soul, all emotionally adrift, especially if a woman! Men too, of course...all of us were "Valad the Pillager", of some midevil village, or the village idot, somewhere...sometime.
---and every one of us young souls will have the opportunity to become BUDDHAS someday, or masters of Art and Music and Wisdom....some our souls grow older.

just like Rembrandt and Ghandi were once [like] this bus lady....people [like] her will become like Einstein or Elenor Rooseveldt, or Tearesa(saint), some distant Incarnational day.