Tuesday, June 19, 2001

the "coffee man" came into the coffee shop this 7 am. i call him that because he comes in every morning like me. his clothes are very very very dirty and he sits on the park bench ALL day long, i swear he does do that all day long everyday. he wore a hole in his pants, never ever changing them, last month, till his underwear not only appears but ALL of his underwear shows.
he puts about 40 packets of sugar into his morning coffee and i unerustimate that amount.
----so i wonder what he thinks about all day long, this homeless guy. maybe he is Transforming.
maybe his parents gave to him ZERO upbringing, there is no role model for him. perhaps the Doctors/social workers would label him
"schizoprenic"! maybe he is wasting his life utterly.
least "they" would say that...the customers---the social workers---the "them" who judge this guy!

what Karma is he working on: maybe he arranged this five lives back, so To Do Something Important...
i cannot judge, from the vantagepoint of earthly views...only from Spirit can his life be seen aright!

ya know...IF i were some incarnational master, in charge of souls through a series of lives---up in spirit, between lives: and i had a soul that wanted to help the incoming-from-earth-into-heaven alcoholics adjust and grow into heaven....how would i help this counselor-to-be, to live five earthly lives in succession, to help him learn how to become this spirit counselor of alcoholics?
why one thing is clear!
one of those lives this guy should become a alcoholic!
deep into the gutter alcoholic! takes one to know one: having been there, he would make the very best counselor of other alkies!

so if one were to see this guy, nodding in the gutter, all dirty and stinky..tis WOULD be easy to judge him badly!! he is Just in training, to become a heavenly counselor of incoming alkies!
field work.