Saturday, June 30, 2001

as I was sitting on the 4 pm bus, i was wandering what i would write about. yes, on the bus, there are always lots and lots of people there. same ones all the time, too; i can follow some of their lives, several times a week, for months.

Everyone Has A Story, a life story, i see. that ten minute ride of seeing someone for ten minutes, why that is only just a few film-clips, on the large reel, of their lives! there is a "before", as well as the "after"!

I sit there, sometimes, trying to figure what kind of Inner life they have. and what kind of life in the world.
and everyone has a "tone", a vibration of character too, which remains constant everytime that i see them. I have identified people just from their walk, block and blocks away.

I note that sitting here, writing in my weblog, has given to me a kind of Disapline of seeing the "surround" in and of a person's life. like photo snapshops as it were....
the photographer must see his Subject in a kind of frame-setting, just as the storyteller must sense the
surround. I see that my keeping the weblog helps me to develop this "surround-sense"
[isure hope the server never goes out of business!!]
there was a Jewish Artist, marc Chagal, i believe, who painted scenes where the objects in the painting of some person would represent the life of that person.
it would be as if a photo were taken of "aunt Susie" standing in her driveway, and after the photo were developed, a TOAD is seen in front of her, on the tarmack of the driveway. as if this toad were to symbolize something within her!

In one of my Dreamvisions, my ten-years-into-heaven sister comes to me and she shows to me a very large large book. she tells me that this book is what she is study-ing there in her heavenland, she is in a class of some 100 students. this book she tells me "took 10,000 hours"[of heaven hours--time is different speed there]. She spent that amount of time in this course. she tells me, too, that when people come up to heaven from earth, their face soon reveals their whole life and it can be soon read in that face, each and every bit of that life! this book deliniates the language for this faceSoul decoding. On earth, she was a Social work masters[MSW] professor and textbook writer...did the groundwork on "confidentiuality and social work". of COURSE she would take up this subject matter---how to read the whole life of a person in their face!

I suspect that some of this can be done here, maybe not so much with a person's face, but with the rest of their outer lives.
like: the kind of dog or cat they own is Telling of their characters....
since everything is related to everything, why even here on earth, whatever a person is involved in reflects their soul---whether it is their handwritings, their house, their choice of vacations...whatever.......