Wednesday, August 14, 2019

storm cloud

a storm cloud .   this image is not from an airplane!   nor is this image zoomed or telephoto.   taken from the ground, almost directly overhead.   Tallahassee, florida.

Thursday, August 01, 2019

a screenshot of my Nehrim mod game, a mod for Oblivion.   100 hours they say, in the mod.  they say the mod is better then the game!

Saturday, July 27, 2019
Roz Chast, the new yorker magazine.
my favorite cartoon, I found at last! why my favorite? this one cartoon says it all, for me, about America in 2019 and why we all are so "divisive", in politics and in life. Roz Chast, in the New Yorker magazine, shows a family gathering where each person now has a diet where any food that they have brought with them *cannot* be shared with any other person! each person must bring their own meal with them and eat it without passing any of it, around.
Relatives all gathered together. each person has a lifestyle as well as a food diet. one by one......

one: he is a gay person. *now* he can take off his actor's mask as now he can live a real life instead of a lie, to others and to even himself. he is an educator by career and his hope is to instigate sex-choosing courses in nyc schools so that the kids can know more about which sex they identify with.

two: he is a policeman who has the night car patrol shift. if he sees a car, at night, with "minorities" in it, he will stop this car! he has found that 70% of the cars that he stops has criminals and drug people in them! 80% of the crimes are committed by one minority group! he belongs too, to the KKK! he utterly dislikes a certain minority group!

three: she is a strict Vegan. she is campaigning to have all meat and meat products removed from all city restaurants and grocery stores!

four: she is a avowed socialist. And also a teacher. her intent is to ban all score-keeping in games at all schools. a winner means someone has to also lose and losing is SO hurtful to a child! she has three hyperactive, gifted, kids. she takes them out with her to cafes and restaurants, regularly. she lets them run all over the place, disturbing everyone's meals. several patrons have faced her to tell her to please discipline her children better. she tells them in stern Tones, "HOW DARE YOU TELL ME HOW TO RAISE MY CHILDREN, THEY HAVE TO BE *FREE* TO *EXPRESS* THEMSELVES!"! her husband is a high powered attorney. He has successfully sued these complainers and won! by golly no one is going to *tell* her how to raise her kids!

five: he belongs to a religious cult. very "puritanical" this way of life. books have been written about this cult. their lawyers, though, usually win! but this sect has really, truely, helped him live a far better life!

six: he owns a nightclub where people dance to the latest electronic music. he admits that everyone uses drugs there and he himself likes what drugs Do!

seven: she belongs to a very fundamentalist church and she wants the traditional meal. in her world, gays are satan bonded people. they all deserve to roast in hell forever!

eight: he belongs to the Trump organization and he is forefront in helping him win in 2020.

nine: she is from Dominican republic and she has had many run-ins with grocery stores, in Miami, where she lives. all of her people know that every food must be tasted before it is bought. "would not *you* want to open the peanut butter jar and stick your finger into it to taste it before you buy it?! it might be spoiled! so in most grocery stores, in Miami, this is a large problem. [a true story!]

ten: he is a muslim. a true Believer. he tells everyone that sooner or later they must Convert or die! the entire world must convert to muslim and sharia law, sooner rather then later!

ten people.
the hippies said it first, in the early 70s. "consciousness expansion, consciousness raising". what this now means is that the autistic kid can live a life, the battered woman can Leave, the wheelchair man has Access, the gay person can come out of the closet. and in politics we become more and more "ourselves". entire ways of life become like splitting of a species of rabbits where there are now so many sub-species, and often they have diverged so much that the individual sub-species cannot mate with another rabbit of another sub-species!
so this one cartoon, for me, is one picture that says 10,000 words about America, today!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

oh dear.
Boris Johnson is now prime minister of England.

I just now read a letter from my England Friend, she went to supermarket and saw beer and booze fly off of the shelves like there is no tomorrow!  This, after the results were announced.
 some will drink to remember, others will drink to forget.   To celebrate his win, or to try to Forget!

some people *want* what he says that he will do.  make England great again.  the masses feel the malaise.   you feel it too, amongst the common people there, surely, even in America too.   the ordinary Bloke, the tired housewife.    Johnson, like trump, was the only One available, the only stone on the pavement that the rioters could find, to toss at the Thing that they see is destroying their lives.  they do not see clearly what this Thing is!  I do not think anyone can, even me....
     each word that I will use, to now describe this Thing, is only a slight approximation Pointing to the Thing.
"the modern age".
"the loss of control".
"everything is broken, in social world".

England, like the united states, has lost some of its founding vision.  there is now no more frontier.  for the Brits, no empire. 
everything that they buy is made elsewhere.   every company has headquarters in another country, for the Brits, it is Europe.
[your ice cream is branded with a name that once represented the company.  now Kraft Owns it.  and now Kraft itself is owned by yet another company, some alphabet name;  one name is the Bayer company.   ]
[brit small towns, i read, are having, by the day, fewer and fewer mom and pop stores.  the Gap, starbucks, Lidis, all Corporate franchises owned by something elsewhere.]

One world economy really needs a one world government to Manage it!  better yet, in the future, have a one world culture.  no race, no discrimination.    one language.  one world.
   stores will sell clothes, no more women or men things.  men and women will dress alike.

if you date someone you will not know their sex.  if you "lady" turns out to be a man, well, have sex with him!
there will be no difference.

there might be even no more stores, everything online, besides, your Implanted Chip is your Money, if you do not have this  you will indeed be homeless and an outcast.

no direction either.  there now is nothing greater than the individual.  God is Dead, for many.  then the next level down falls, the Church authority.  then the next level down goes away, for us two countries it is the "egypt-greek-roman-renaissance" historical past that undergirds everything that we all do as a culture, all held together by the  Judeo-christian way of life. 

all Going Away.
what is left?  probably people now, as they *have* to have something out there to "identify" with, will clasp onto "Identity Politics"!  and everyone then becomes a Victim of Something or someone. 
watch the snowflake kids!  they are the delicate tendril tips, of a vine.  see where this fore-front, of this vine, is pointing to, and then you will see where the vine itself will be growing to, in a few years!  they appear, these kids, to be our future unless we change it!
change it.
trying to stop this runaway train by throwing logs onto the tracks, to derail it.

Boris Johnson.
Japan, Brazil, Philippines....the People are Voting.  grasping at logs to try to throw onto the rails to try to stop this Train!

but when you Get Right Down To It, a master once wrote this:  "for every advance someone makes, for every five minutes of growth, there has to be 55 minutes of Focus and Discipline".  those 55 minutes, for many people are sorely lacking!

the words "spiritual life", has so many meanings, depending upon who and what is saying them!
*This* is the true center of the record album that everything revolves around.
for me "spiritual life" means this:    God Incarnated onto the earth, once, 2000 years ago.  His name was Jesus Christ.  his soul was the Christ Himself, the Son of God.  the Christ then, is the very center of spiritual life.   

someone wrote that a best Bible is a read Bible.  i add to this, here, i say that the very best Bible is that what is in the Bible must be applied to one's life!
but very very few people are applying Jesus Christ, and the Bible Teachings, to their lives!  thus "greed, crime, materialism, miss-use of sex, power, control, become the primary influences  in many people's lives.  in fact when Modern culture takes away most Meanings, the only meaning left might be only to make lots of money!  how about that, people?!  that the radical left actually reinforces capitalism! making money is the only thing that gets you out of bed in the morning, if everything else is taken away!

since the real Stuff, Spiritual life, is not now in vogue, what *IS* left.    well, a counterfeit life!   lesser values take the place.

I learned from my Jewish room mate about a counterfeit anything.    since Christ is the real Creator, only He can Create, being the son of God, the Ultimate Creator, anything else that is not of God, is then counterfeit.     the collective Name of this Counterfeit is...

when football players can make  $12,000,000 a year and nurses and teachers and most service-to-humanity people earn only a minimum wage, or a bit higher, Something Has Gone Really Wrong!  we idolize media stars, sports heros,  corporate CEOs.    corporate CEOs who give themselves huge raises every year while the workers get nothing.  no wonder many of the youth want Socialism!

so the common man wants the Head to be placed back onto the Culture statue,of their country.  Johnson and Trump are only Bulldozers elected to try to stop the process of the Growth of this loss of culture.   since there is little of God, in this "movement", we get a sort of counterfeit leader, instead.   it is the best that we can do. 
it might be *us* who are lacking!    no spiritual life: the blind leading the blind!

We, who live an "unspiritual life", can only elect for to be our leaders, people who have little spiritual life!   We elect and accept the mirror images of ourselves.  This hold for our sports idols and our top CEOs too.     The blind can only elect the blind, to run everything!!   So we have leaders who reflect our interest in making money, power, control, materialism.

Sunday, July 07, 2019

I read some of the sunday new times review section just now. again, i am amazed at the articles. some of them had the header to be...
---the middle class and its Heavy Burden. "power and wealth spiral to the top".
---this is quite gay. "how social media tries to keep me in the closet".
---prescription drugs. " americans pay more for drugs then any other country in the world".
---the Dominance of the white male critic, in art.
*very* liberal left!!
my Interlaken childhood "me" shudders at the socialist agenda being pushed. over the years I became much more "Liberal", Liberal in the classic sense. Now i am faced with a change in this Liberal word! now "Liberal" means the radical left. can i accept that?! I begin to wonder, today, if indeed we all should make that hard left turn, into socialism?!
on a quick walk, after reading that newspaper section, i quickly cobbled together *my* prescription for a future America!
maybe we should just let every single industry go to china and the rest of the world. they need the work and the $1.50 an hour for wages is a fortune for most! maybe every business that employs over, say, ten people, should be nationalized. then we become a service oriented country! there is so so so much need for this. the vast increase of elderly and the huge increase of alzheimer's that the baby boomers will give to us. everyone becomes a caregiver to someone.
then the children and education.
--our infrastructure.
---our nurses and librarians.
---firemen and police should have a much higher wages.
the homeless and the insane. crime and crime prevention by dealing with future criminals before they commit a crime.
[san francisco, i read, has had a 17% increase of homeless people in two years!]
every city, every country, that has a lack of people to do the entry level jobs, the salvation for them is "immigration"! maybe we should just let everyone in; take down the walls. yes, over a million might arrive, but history is filled with mass migrations of people and we are holding back the flow of history! they will take our low level jobs! yes, their "mafia" will also come, just like the mafia came with the italians. but they sell drugs but no one requires anyone to *take* these drugs! besides, we need the black market to provide life support where it is illegal to possess the drugs or items!
try to inspire into everyone a good reason to live, and for a future worth living for! then maybe our drug use will go down!
bring back Spirituality as the core of America. note that i did not say "religion! teach us all about near death experiences and what they tell us about such a thing as the Afterlife and how to prepare for it while living!
we have come a long way towards accepting "minorities", but still have a very long way to go; we need to all go much much further!
bring down prescription drugs by like 70% in cost. maybe socialized medicine will have to be accepted.
there. this is only some of the suggestions that I could imagine, right this second, on facebook.