Friday, January 29, 2021

There is criticism and then there is Ranting.

---from my own facebook newsfeed.


I trolled down my newsfeed now, about 7 pm eastern. I am AMAZED at all of the political posts! If I found one that was not such, the post was an ad for something. Maybe too, a soulless post of just a photo of flowers and "cute" bunnies nearby.

Was not that these political posts were political, it was the *tone* that got me. They all usually had an Edge to them. Like the knives could come out at any moment. there seems to be no middle ground: either *this* or *that*. Mud is thrown like from a firehose. I can well understand how families have broken up over this. the Unfriend Button must be in great use these days, here. Even posts like where I write about old Interlaken town where I grew up, has a profound unreality to it! Unreality, like of me writing about the pretty black color on your mother's dead face as when you and I come into her home and then find her dead on the floor face-up from a heart attack six hours ago. Like I am "supposed" to join the fray! writing about something "positive" is like singing a joyful tune at the Funeral!

The old saying from the 70s holds: "if you are not angry and enraged, you *just* do not know what is really going on! I can take my own power saw and then rip into anyone in politics! Take even Biden! look at his kids! look at all of the squirmy deals they made and let us hope Father Biden did not get involved, back then!

Or "let the immigrants come in"! yeah. soon Migration history will come true, south and central America and other Hispanic countries rush to the border and soon we have 200,000,000 new Hispanics. All well and good, perhaps, but *you*, anglo, will become a minority having to adapt to a Spanish culture! perhaps it is the TONE that defines politics writing, and in complaining in general! One can state something intelligently with feelings, or one can just rant with negative energy! Negative energy sticks with you long after the rant finishes and slowly this negativeness becomes your very soul! Once that happens, then everything you say or even do is contaminated with a bad vibe!

As the Beetles song said, "you can feel his disease"! you could enter a room with a sleeping baby and then the baby awakes and then cries if you have such a negative soul. Some people can walk into a room with a crying baby and the baby stops crying. I like the story of the guy who used to walk past a certain house nearly three days a week and eventually got to know the owner, talking through the screen door. One day this owner invited this man inside and as both sat down, one of his two cats came over to be petted. Then the second cat came over to also be petted by the newcomer. the owner was in shock!! He says that this second cat ALWAYS runs under the bed when *any* stranger or even my friends enter the house and why is it that he comes to you on your very first indoors visit?! That *never* happens.

Strive to have Vibrations and auras like that person!!

Monday, January 18, 2021

testing the extra large size.
A photo taken over 10 years ago from the 11th floor of "Georgia Belle" where I used to live, an independant senior residence here in Tallahassee. Looks like a forest, eh? Well, the tree canopy is so thick that under all of these trees are houses. You cannot see them very well. I have heard that a tree grows in 7 years where a similar tree takes 20 years to grow to the same size in the US Northern states!

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Reality check.

I want a reality check. here are my pageviews as of january 16th. I think that I will now post more on my blog. 235,720 freestone

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Aliens incarnating on planet earth

hi all.

I had a very Interesting dream last night! a Voice dictated to
me something that I have never heard or, read of, or even
suspected. Explains some things about the currant political
climate too!

[my Message does not necessarily reflect my own beliefs! I
give the message as best that I can recall, in this 10 to 20
minute monologue that I heard last night]

the Adarians.
[that is my name for them. the pronouncing of the name was
not quite like what is printed here.]

The Adrarians. They are a race from Adararia, another planet
in the galaxy. The planet had very recently suffered
something rare, a wipeout due to an asteroid strike! As a
result, most of the race died out and they all went to their own
heavens. Reincarnation, for them, is now impossible! Thus
the Galactic masters had to do a "farming out" to other
planetary systems. A number of other planets had to take up
these survivors.
[think: a new factory opens up in your small town and they
hire 100 people and most come from other towns. In your 8th
grade, suddenly 10 new kids arrive. These kids now will be
with you until graduation. Welcome them in!]
the earth is one of these planets that is being asked to take
in some of these souls. They began to incarnate here at
some ???? time ago. Now today, there are even more coming
in. eventually the percentage of Adarians will be from 10 to 20
They are not coming to conquer, or to rule. They are much
more "needy" than authoritative. Oh the adjustments they
have to make!
One of the major reasons whey there is, was, a dispensation
of Spirit upon the earth plane, in the 1970s and beyond, is so
that these souls could get the Christ Impulse into them!
Natively, their cultural evolution growth rate and cultural
changes was far far slower than ours. [as if stream trains
lasted for 1000 years and windows 7 would last for 100 years
before windows 10 came onto the scene.] These incoming
souls, then, are very very conservative and resist all change
mightedly! Not all of them are so, but many.
[this could explain some of our "Diversity" problems in
politics! the radical right and the white supremacists too.]

oh boy! up to one out of five people. All of this on top of our
own problems! Something like your dementia mother is in the
nursing home and then this home goes out of business and
she now has to come back to live with your family. You have
to caregive her on top of raising your three children! Husband
threatens a divorce. You have to quit your own job as she
needs 24/7 care!
The human race, in turn, will change too; I have little idea as
to how. Many older souls will "Ascend" and never come back
to reincarnate. Thus the earthplane will have lots of younger
souls plus these Adarians.
"Ascend", does not mean "never to reincarnate"! Ascension
means that after you die, *you* do not reincarnate as your
oversoul sends down the next incarnation, you remain in
heaven as a fully functioning entity and you become a guide
for your incarnation.
[White Eagle, or some other beloved master Indian guide,
speaking through a lady medium to her class; after teaching
session the students asked questions. One student asked,
"who were you, White Eagle, in your previous incarnation"?
the answer shocked everyone!! he replied, "my previous
incarnation is the present incarnation, which is the lady
medium that i am speaking through.". He is a guide to her.
---like a large limb of a tree sends down a branch to the
ground, like of a banyan tree, you are still up there on the
limb, though. you guide the soul on the ground but that you
are not "in it"!]

the "ascension section" was also part of the message.

*This* might explain why so many people have gotten dreams
of end times and asteroids and of other end time events.
These events happened in their PAST on that planet Adarian!
[I wonder if there are also *other* immigrant souls from other
planets too!


Thursday, March 19, 2020

spring break kids could bring Virus back to everyone!

""Some young spring breakers insist the party’s on and they’re planning to keep at it despite pleas from health authorities to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“If I get corona, I get corona,” Brady Sluder, an Ohio resident on spring break in Florida, told Reuters. “At the end of the day, I’m not gonna let it stop me from partying.”

He was hardly alone.

Others also told reporters they just wanted to party:

CBS News

“If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I'm not gonna let it stop me from partying”: Spring breakers are still flocking to Miami, despite coronavirus warnings.""

freestone says.....
there is a nurse at my facility.  in the middle of the week, she says that friday [13th] she is taking next week off to go to spring break in Panama city, florida.  what struck me was the intense glow on her face as she said this!   like for her this trip is Life Itself!  like the only reality worth living for!

these kids would go even if they had to be brought there on a ambulance gurney!

thousands, of kids from colleges and high schools from all over the country, partying, meeting, dancing, packed, in clubs and on the beach.  then all go back home.
   do these people ever consider the ramifications if they come back and get sick?  do they consider being the Infector for all of their relatives and friends?  a nurse coming back then infecting a whole nursing home?!  a guy coming back to his small rural town and then partying with his friends who did not go, even as the local school has shut down, 30 other kids are then exposed!. how many could die from this virus, due to a "kid" coming back home?
      me?  if and when they "release" me from my building and then Release me from the Oaks campus, where a friend could take me to panera coffee shop on a busy saturday again, *would* I want to go?   suppose i pick up the virus or even just a cold, i would bring it back to my nursing home facility, I do not want to be the Instigator there.  I might not want a saturday trip until the vaccine is made, tested, and ready, then everyone in my building get the shots!  perhaps a weekday trip to coffee shop, out on the patio would be the only social trip that I would make until maybe 2021 summer!

I did this in 1957!
I and two other boys went to the Boy Scout Jamboree.  50,000 boys from all over the world.  that spring the "Asian Flu" had begun in china and a few cases were already here in the usa.    I came back home.  I immediately got sick with a flu, 20 hours a day in bed asleep, at the family lakeside cottage!
the beauty of the lakeside was lost to me.   for a week i did this.  the two other boys  also got sick!  that fall, when everyone in Interlaken got the Asian flu, i did not get it.    so us three boys brought that flu back to interlaken!!  from that Jamboree, of course.  the perfect Disimminator!
     the spring break will be also the Disimminator.   from even coastal new england to south Texas, the beaches will be full of high school and college kids.   a club might have 60 dancers, dancing for hours, each kid from a different city, breathing onto everyone. touching, hugging, and slightly drunk, thus no hand washing or distancing.  just *one* kid with the virus in that club alone, could infect hundreds!

I read today florida now has 328 cases.   many of the new cases are from the new testing protocol.   they ALREADY had the virus but were not yet sick yet.  some might never get sick but will spread it.  thus probably there are kids who would test positive who are now partying!  soon they all will return back to where they came from.  the testing only has just begun, thus there probably are hundreds more people out there in florida who would test positive!

be ready for virus to come to your hometown soon!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

the Reality of the coronavirus

The Ironic reality of this Virus Time. And what each of us should DO about this new reality!

Read below what the News has been saying to us  for the last year or so....
The need for company, love, and support is not something that diminishes as we grow older. In fact, a healthy social life is particularly important for seniors.   
Why Socializing Matters
Healthy relationships are necessary at every age, but the importance of socialization for seniors cannot be overemphasized. Consistent social interactions help keep people mentally, physically and emotionally fit. Of course, they also fend off the difficulties inherent to isolation and make our lives feel more meaningful in an overall sense.

Today’s children are growing up with screens at their fingertips. They have never had to live without smartphones, tablets or the internet. But studies show that too much screen time can have a negative impact on children. Their brains can actually change, according to The American Academy of Pediatrics. While smart devices can help improve your child’s education, too much time can be damaging.

   There are now nursing homes where not only are no relatives allowed to ever visit, they cannot even socialize within themselves!  Not even to eat in the dining room together.
      "Screen time" now is becoming vital for us all.  "Telecommuting" and 9-12 grades and universities shut down so that the only way to "attend" is to use screens.

Ironic, isn't it?   
And this might be the Reality for many months!

A doctor just now reports on CNN that he preferred to have lived in China as they handled the epidemic better.   There, many people stayed in their homes and only out for two hours a day and only to go buy food at one type of grocery store.  We all, here, should have done the same!   A cold hard shutdown 100%.
We did not!

So now we are.   Even the golf master's tournament is being delayed.

What we all should do now is to stop everything.  Do not go out.  Eat alone, a table for *each* person in the household 3 to 6 feet apart.  Social distancing to the max.  Screen time to the max.   Only Designated stores open.   No more then three people together at one time and six apart at that.  No hugs, no handshakes.   No movies, parties, sports, stores, schools.

We each should now be like"Monks in a Cell, in a *severe* monastery".  As like in Like "Trappist".   

I repeat: *A*lone  !!

Alone to meditate and to Commune with God.
Or...and.......on just What?

As this time is 2020, the beginning of the next decade, each of us should meditate upon just *what* each of us wants for America!    Do we want "to make America great again" in the way Trump envisions?
----develop those national parks into mineral resources.  Strip mines and oil!  Public lands too.
----the Amazon rain forest area should be developed into cities and farms and mines.
---embrace the sale of African animal body parts to China.  One Rhino horn can pay the wages of a park ranger for life, if he kills one rhino and sells the horn!
      Do we want $200,000 make-over kitchens?  Does one *need* another million $$$ after one made the first million $$$ ?

We are killing the planet [and ourselves]with our greed, materialism for its own sakes, and power/control.

   Who do we elect for president to be the spokes person for this new times?
When school teachers cannot afford to live in the city of their schools, and one of the prettiest cities in the country is filled with 100,000 homeless, and untold thousands are still awaiting fixes for the hurricane Michael  homes, children are not seen as safe to go out and play, anymore;    who do we elect and what kind of politics should we have?     Maybe we all should learn to embrace a form of socialism!
     Then even deeper, each of us should ask Questions about our lives, what do we each live *for*?  What is the meaning of life, thusly!  To make lots of money?  For more power and control?  To ignore morals and ethics?

In these Times, a Master Teacher has walked into the classroom, displacing the old regular teacher.  He carries an apple in one hand, symbolizing love and encouragement for the students and in the other hand he carries a long switch stick, a stick to whip the butts, spanking, till it bleeds, if he needs to!
    Listen to the Children, often they are the first to tell us What Is Going On, and what to do about it!
THE SNOWFLAKE CHILDREN!    Greta Thunberg.   This is *not* just about climate change and environmentalism though!   It is about True equality of opportunity for everyone.  Sharing, Love, goodness, Truth...the children cry!

----and I read an advertising  man write that "Children;s playtime is a resource to precious to waste.   We should start brand identity at the earliest age, to have every single toy be branded such that brand loyalty is set at that early age!"! [we mine even our children to satisfy our $$$ urges! We ruin our kids in order to keep us going more into Riche$.

"TOUGH LOVE"   is to be his curriculum. 
He pastes a large sheet of paper upon the wall behind his desk for all to see.
The Ten Commandments  is what is on it!  Next to this sheet is a second sheet, listing many of the sayings of Jesus, like "do unto others as ye want others to do unto you"!

  If he does not affect these students, there are other teachers awaiting in the faculty lounge.   Mr Yellowstone volcano.   Mrs  asteroid.   Mr world war III.   Ms Pole Shift.  Mr pandemic with a 60% kill rate!
    There is a mural-like painting on the lounge wall.   "The four horsemen of the apocalypse" is its name.