Tuesday, February 20, 2018

when I lived in Ithaca, ny , I used to visit the farmers market.  every weekday, of a certain day, there would be the tables and trucks with whatever was ripe for that time of year.   Today was a early fall day, the first frost had already come, and the apple sellers were out in force.  I could see to my left, a row of near identical pickup trucks sitting in a row with their backs facing the customers.  Apples.  lots of apples.  apples filled each truck bed.  there must have been four to six trucks here, all nearly the same age old.   with each truck came a man who must have owned the orchard.
    a good idea, this market.  the farmer can sell cheaply and bypassing the middle man, thus he gets a much higher price for his produce.

apples.  all shapes and sizes.  but each truck looked to have the very same species.
Courtland, spy, greening.  and Mackintosh, the apple of my heart and one that needs the very coldest climate to have enough hours to set the fruit.  you cannot grow apples in Miami!

I looked and watched.   five or six farmers in a row as the customers were walking by.  four of the farmers were sitting in their chairs.  the fifth man was standing.  guess who was selling 98% of the apples from these five trucks?!
--the man standing up.  he was not only standing up, he was moving about, telling everyone about his good apples, he was polishing an apple, he cut up apples for samples and often held a plate with his samples.  there were always three to ten people gathering near him.  besides the Show he put on, he was also busy attending his cash box and making change and handing out quarter and half bushels of apples.
---the other sellers continue to sit there waiting for customers.

the moral is obvious.  the squeaking wheel gets the grease, the Standout person Gets Noticed.


Saturday, February 17, 2018

we are killing our children!

n.    the Mirror Reflects.     the inner evokes the outer and then mass shooters of children and young adults arise to fulfill the Urge!
*we* are killing not only our children's souls but our own adult Inner Child as well.  our civilization is become more hostile to imagination and spiritual growth.   what career person puts his or her soul above all?!

 i will say it now again in caps, WE ARE KILLING OUR CHILDREN!
 thus we get shooters, of kids and young people at concerts.  they are Acting Out from our collective unconsciousness.
 how are we killing our kids?
       one...my masters degree sister said it years ago, we were walking near a school in 1976 miami, several kids were throwing rocks at the school. sister says, "they are only trying to kill the monster that is destroying their souls"!
       two....our lifestyles kill kids, soulfully.
     orphans in the own homes, both parents work. our pursuit of all things material as an End. bad divorces, only one parent present. literally killing pre-babies, called "abortion"! helicopter parenting where the kid is never to play alone. too too much organization of the child's life, every moment accounted for, no free time to develop imagination. as one advertisement company says, "children's play time is a resource not to be wasted, have brand recognition begin at the earliest age": make children into Bonding with corporations for life. teach nothing of spirit. teach by example that the outlaw life is the only life worth living!
 on and on i could go; these examples point the way. maybe the only way to change this is that our *entire* civilization will have to change 5,000% ! at the rate this escalation of killing of our children AND the killing of our adult souls, our inner children, [yes, our inner child is also being killed.  by the  same events] might bring about ww iii or eruption of ten super volcanoes or an asteroid to change its path to strike earth!
[maybe too we get the weather we deserve, crazy people evokes crazy weather!]
[adult inner child.   nothing much to grow the soul or spirit, too little "pluses" to counter the negatives .   and lots of "negatives".    our work life.  our recreation life, what little there is of it.  why one of the true heroes of our age are the drug gangs and dealers as they bring the *only*  palliative remedy to many people's deep pain of existence, as there is no one else stepping in to help these in-pain people!  soul pain, not body pain!
---when someone has to drive 20 miles each way to work and our culture is being dismantled before our eyes, his inner child suffers, our civilization shoots this Child down.]
     i hear it now in my inner imagination background, the machine gun sound of guns firing, as tens of thousands of children are being wounded, all over the western world, every day!

Thursday, February 15, 2018

yet *another* school shooting.

yet another shooting. sigh.....
a young man who had poor parenting and was a troublemaker in school and the school expelled him. he got Even.
some of the yahoo news comments put it well.
""It happened ALL the time when I was a kid 50 years ago. It's just that we would beat each other up and that would be that. No one showed up days, or weeks, later with a gun and start blowing people away.
Because it’s a lot easier to blame inanimate objects than face the MUCH BIGGER problem of the social changes in this country.""
yes, years ago, kids were bullied and fights broke out but no one tried to shoot a dozen people in retailiation. but many of these troubled kids would retailiate in some manner then.
while it is easier to obtain guns these days, the Social Problems are immense. these same social problems also existed back then too, but now these problems are on the front burner of the stove and the setting is on "high"!
and what *are* these problems?!
a materialistic driven culture where often kids, *if* they even have two parents, are orphens in their own home! both parents work!
parents these days sometimes try to put their kids first. but often only in a materialistic self centered way.
to really Solve these problems probably our american way of life will have to change 1000% !
some suggestions in no particular order.
---no mother works until the last kid is 21.
---teach ethics and morals in schools and in the home. bring religion back into our lives.
---our culture pays the least to people who serve others. this should be rectified. nurses, teachers, libarians, etc, must be paid far more!
---part of the ethics training is to install knowledge that every action brings Consequences. not always immediate. called "karma"!
---install into kids the self disipline and focus to better themselves and the world around them.
otherwise....there will be yet more of these shootings.
look at our drug use! why do so many people want drugs? the gangs are really doing a great service to many people. the users lives are often empty and void of meaning. now full of anger and depression. castaways, throwaways, of our culture. look at the wall street journal friday "homes" section!
*that* is where we all are, to aspire to own a $20,000,000 mansion. is not a small home and $100,000 a year, *ENOUGH*?! no..it is not: this observation Points to why so many kids are in trouble. and the mostly men who go ballistic are only the tip of the iceburg! for every one who does this, 100 are on the verge, 10,000 think seriously about doing it, 100,000+ have fantasy of doing it!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

never say never!

never say never.
to wit: an example. who in their right mind would get involved with Amway, or some other multi-level marketing sales job?

 well...when i used to live in a florida city, i often walked back to my apartment along several residential streets. i got to know of a young man, owned the house, wife and a son; he was a chief at a pizza cafe.
the cafe went out of business. now his wife supported the family and no one was hiring cooks. he tried growing mushrooms... and one day he pulled out his dusty Amway starter kit, to try to sell products to his friends and neighboors. he was good at selling.

    soon he was listening to many many motivational tapes and eventually he did not sell anymore to people, he sold only to people who sold. then he soon only sold to people who sell to distributers that sold to sellers who sell to customers.

 his wife quit her job to sell amway.

 soon he did not even sell to distributers in florida!
his retired parents came out of retirement to become distributers.
he had now a new suit, a new car. he probably now put 100,000 miles a month on his car. many meetings in orlando.
when i left him, he did not even sell to distributers in the usa anymore!
top .01 percent! probably $200,000 to $400,000 a year.

no, this post is not an ad for Amway, it just shows that no matter what type of career path one chooses, there are people who benefit greatly at it and for them it is their Golden Road to Sucess. i read only 20% of the sales people, in Amway, do well.

 but a few *really* do well!

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

article on ...the more religious a country, the more violent it is.

-----the more religious a country, the more violent crime there is, in that country!
from the site.
"" Sathya Sai Baba Deceptions Exposed
Exposing major deceits by guru Sathya Sai Baba in India, incl. murders cover-up & widely alleged sexual abuse"".
Belief in God demonstrably weakens societal well-being
Posted by robertpriddy on October 5, 2017
Here is a thought-provoking excerpt from research by Professor Phil Zuckerman which shows beyond all doubt the deleterious social effects of a belief in God:-
“If it were true that when belief in God weakens, societal well-being diminishes, then we should see abundant evidence for this. But we don’t. In fact, we find just the opposite: Those societies today that are the most religious — where faith in God is strong and religious participation is high — tend to have the highest violent crime rates, while those societies in which faith and church attendance are the weakest — the most secular societies — tend to have the lowest.
We can start at the international level. The most secular societies today include Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Czech Republic, Estonia, Japan, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Germany, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, Hungary, China and Belgium. The most religious societies include Nigeria, Uganda, the Philippines, Pakistan, Morocco, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, El Salvador, Colombia, Senegal, Malawi, Indonesia, Brazil, Peru, Jordan, Algeria, Ghana, Venezuela, Mexico and Sierra Leone.
It is the highly secularised countries that tend to fare the best in terms of crime rates, prosperity, equality, freedom, democracy, women’s rights, human rights, educational attainment and life expectancy. (Although there are exceptions, such as Vietnam and China, which have famously poor human rights records.) And those nations with the highest rates of religiosity tend to be the most problem-ridden in terms of high violent crime rates, high infant mortality rates, high poverty rates and high rates of corruption.
Take homicide. According to the United Nations’ 2011 Global Study on Homicide, of the 10 nations with the highest homicide rates, all are very religious, and many — such as Colombia, Mexico, El Salvador and Brazil — are among the most theistic nations in the world. Of the nations with the lowest homicide rates, nearly all are very secular, with seven ranking among the least theistic nations, such as Sweden, Japan, Norway and the Netherlands.”
by Phil Zuckerman – professor of sociobiology and secular studies at Pitzer College in Claremont and the author of “Living the Secular Life”

slaves, we all used to own them! blacks too, pre civil war!

egads! snopes here put this well. blacks owned slaves, in the country. one of the largest slave owner, in the south, was black. Indians owned blacks slaves. Indians owned indian slaves. Africans enslaved each other long before 1776.
so much for the good old days!
even in the 1950s. the good old days were not so good. my social work masters degree sister found a large town in upsate new York where in maybe 1970s the school system did a student survey on inces...t. 40 percent of the kids reported incest in the family! and that is the *reported* percentage!!
a retired policeman from Jacksonville, florida told me in the 1950s that several policemen would get in a patrol car and cruise down black town main street and grab some man at random and then beat him up to a pulp and dump him out onto the street to show everyone....."keep in line, black people"! three or four times a year. *every* policeman did this, he says!
then he told how in many southern cities a black person had to have a written permission slip from his boss in order to visit the white downtown of the city!
even in 1960 tallahassee, i entered a record shop and as i browsed around, the owner comes over to ask what i wanted. i said that i was browsing. he says, "we do not permitt browsing. you come in and ask for what you want and i give it to you"! back then the Individual did not count very much, i guess.
so much for the good old days.
might have been sort of good if you lived on the right side of the tracks and had good health!
we all still have a ways to go. thanks to the spotlight of twitter, facebook, cameras, more comes out into the open.
i have read from many spiritual books and sites that "from now onwards, more and more children are being born that are very old souls and they will exemplify love, truth goodness.". i think the snowflake kids may be some of this group. they really are sensitive to all of the injustices of the modern age, that most of us are still racist, sexist, fixed-opinionated, to some or more degree.
and it is very hard to change when everyone around you is still in a negative mindset! i, myself, grew up in a small town, saturated with the biases and bigotry of the times. you would not want to know the words for jews, italians, polish, that i overheard in my high school. even at 76 years old, my "sponge" is still filled, like with water; with the ways of the 1940s.....1950s.

another talk about these shooter ballistic people

another talk about Shooters.
yes, getting to be nearly every week now, every day even, that someone explodes or coldly calculates to Kill. i suppose the removal of assult rifles might help keep the body count low, but still the problem will remain. why?!
psychologists say that anywhere from 5 to 20 percent of everyone has a "condition". bi-polar, schiziphrenic, or one other of the DMV listings. often these people end up on meds, in jail, homeless. little help, ...little support.
these people have always been with us. but now the country has like 300,000,000 people. more of them.
but as i see it, the Pressure it takes now just to live, exacts a toll on these poor souls. you cannot even apply for a fast food job, now, unless you are good at computer skills. then in maybe five more years every single resturant will have computers on tables and you order there, then go pick up the food from the counter. no more fast food jobs!
the ever increasing stress of today's living puts pressure on disturbed souls. and little social support around to help them.
thus they go ballistic more often, these days.

i have lost two friends to Madness. everyone that i seem to know has a friend or relative who is "insane"! one of these childhood friends, in later years, i actually think he thought of killing me!
maybe we need "villages". communties with open no-walls where people with problems can go stay or even live. hundreds of these Villages are needed. where is the money going to come from, you ask! well, probably soon we all might have to change our entire economy system! or else! or else will will have such explosions nearly every day from angy disturbed people.
we worship the big money and the "person who makes it Big"!
but maybe we need to turn our economy to a service economy, where people who serve and help others recieve the highest wages!
school teachers, libarians, nurses, especially the low level CNAs who are on the front lines of nursing and do the dirty work!
the average commute time, i read, is now two hours and increases every year. stress stress stress. some day the entire human race might just collapse from exhauston ! "no more", they will say, then Invoke uncounsciously the asteroid or 40 volcanoes to erupt all at once, to remove the monster that is killing our souls.
in miami in the 70s, i was walking with my sister and we saw a kid throw rocks at the wall of a school, through the chain link fence opening. my sister said it first: "he is merely trying to kill the monster that is destroying his soul!"!
she was then the Director of social work at the largest miami hospital and also a professor of social work at a Lauderdale university! she had a masters in social work!