Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Aliens incarnating on planet earth

hi all.

I had a very Interesting dream last night! a Voice dictated to
me something that I have never heard or, read of, or even
suspected. Explains some things about the currant political
climate too!

[my Message does not necessarily reflect my own beliefs! I
give the message as best that I can recall, in this 10 to 20
minute monologue that I heard last night]

the Adarians.
[that is my name for them. the pronouncing of the name was
not quite like what is printed here.]

The Adrarians. They are a race from Adararia, another planet
in the galaxy. The planet had very recently suffered
something rare, a wipeout due to an asteroid strike! As a
result, most of the race died out and they all went to their own
heavens. Reincarnation, for them, is now impossible! Thus
the Galactic masters had to do a "farming out" to other
planetary systems. A number of other planets had to take up
these survivors.
[think: a new factory opens up in your small town and they
hire 100 people and most come from other towns. In your 8th
grade, suddenly 10 new kids arrive. These kids now will be
with you until graduation. Welcome them in!]
the earth is one of these planets that is being asked to take
in some of these souls. They began to incarnate here at
some ???? time ago. Now today, there are even more coming
in. eventually the percentage of Adarians will be from 10 to 20
They are not coming to conquer, or to rule. They are much
more "needy" than authoritative. Oh the adjustments they
have to make!
One of the major reasons whey there is, was, a dispensation
of Spirit upon the earth plane, in the 1970s and beyond, is so
that these souls could get the Christ Impulse into them!
Natively, their cultural evolution growth rate and cultural
changes was far far slower than ours. [as if stream trains
lasted for 1000 years and windows 7 would last for 100 years
before windows 10 came onto the scene.] These incoming
souls, then, are very very conservative and resist all change
mightedly! Not all of them are so, but many.
[this could explain some of our "Diversity" problems in
politics! the radical right and the white supremacists too.]

oh boy! up to one out of five people. All of this on top of our
own problems! Something like your dementia mother is in the
nursing home and then this home goes out of business and
she now has to come back to live with your family. You have
to caregive her on top of raising your three children! Husband
threatens a divorce. You have to quit your own job as she
needs 24/7 care!
The human race, in turn, will change too; I have little idea as
to how. Many older souls will "Ascend" and never come back
to reincarnate. Thus the earthplane will have lots of younger
souls plus these Adarians.
"Ascend", does not mean "never to reincarnate"! Ascension
means that after you die, *you* do not reincarnate as your
oversoul sends down the next incarnation, you remain in
heaven as a fully functioning entity and you become a guide
for your incarnation.
[White Eagle, or some other beloved master Indian guide,
speaking through a lady medium to her class; after teaching
session the students asked questions. One student asked,
"who were you, White Eagle, in your previous incarnation"?
the answer shocked everyone!! he replied, "my previous
incarnation is the present incarnation, which is the lady
medium that i am speaking through.". He is a guide to her.
---like a large limb of a tree sends down a branch to the
ground, like of a banyan tree, you are still up there on the
limb, though. you guide the soul on the ground but that you
are not "in it"!]

the "ascension section" was also part of the message.

*This* might explain why so many people have gotten dreams
of end times and asteroids and of other end time events.
These events happened in their PAST on that planet Adarian!
[I wonder if there are also *other* immigrant souls from other
planets too!


Thursday, March 19, 2020

spring break kids could bring Virus back to everyone!

""Some young spring breakers insist the party’s on and they’re planning to keep at it despite pleas from health authorities to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“If I get corona, I get corona,” Brady Sluder, an Ohio resident on spring break in Florida, told Reuters. “At the end of the day, I’m not gonna let it stop me from partying.”

He was hardly alone.

Others also told reporters they just wanted to party:

CBS News

“If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I'm not gonna let it stop me from partying”: Spring breakers are still flocking to Miami, despite coronavirus warnings. https://cbsn.ws/33sb67i""


freestone says.....
there is a nurse at my facility.  in the middle of the week, she says that friday [13th] she is taking next week off to go to spring break in Panama city, florida.  what struck me was the intense glow on her face as she said this!   like for her this trip is Life Itself!  like the only reality worth living for!

these kids would go even if they had to be brought there on a ambulance gurney!

thousands, of kids from colleges and high schools from all over the country, partying, meeting, dancing, packed, in clubs and on the beach.  then all go back home.
   do these people ever consider the ramifications if they come back and get sick?  do they consider being the Infector for all of their relatives and friends?  a nurse coming back then infecting a whole nursing home?!  a guy coming back to his small rural town and then partying with his friends who did not go, even as the local school has shut down, 30 other kids are then exposed!. how many could die from this virus, due to a "kid" coming back home?
      me?  if and when they "release" me from my building and then Release me from the Oaks campus, where a friend could take me to panera coffee shop on a busy saturday again, *would* I want to go?   suppose i pick up the virus or even just a cold, i would bring it back to my nursing home facility, I do not want to be the Instigator there.  I might not want a saturday trip until the vaccine is made, tested, and ready, then everyone in my building get the shots!  perhaps a weekday trip to coffee shop, out on the patio would be the only social trip that I would make until maybe 2021 summer!

I did this in 1957!
I and two other boys went to the Boy Scout Jamboree.  50,000 boys from all over the world.  that spring the "Asian Flu" had begun in china and a few cases were already here in the usa.    I came back home.  I immediately got sick with a flu, 20 hours a day in bed asleep, at the family lakeside cottage!
the beauty of the lakeside was lost to me.   for a week i did this.  the two other boys  also got sick!  that fall, when everyone in Interlaken got the Asian flu, i did not get it.    so us three boys brought that flu back to interlaken!!  from that Jamboree, of course.  the perfect Disimminator!
     the spring break will be also the Disimminator.   from even coastal new england to south Texas, the beaches will be full of high school and college kids.   a club might have 60 dancers, dancing for hours, each kid from a different city, breathing onto everyone. touching, hugging, and slightly drunk, thus no hand washing or distancing.  just *one* kid with the virus in that club alone, could infect hundreds!

I read today florida now has 328 cases.   many of the new cases are from the new testing protocol.   they ALREADY had the virus but were not yet sick yet.  some might never get sick but will spread it.  thus probably there are kids who would test positive who are now partying!  soon they all will return back to where they came from.  the testing only has just begun, thus there probably are hundreds more people out there in florida who would test positive!

be ready for virus to come to your hometown soon!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

the Reality of the coronavirus

The Ironic reality of this Virus Time. And what each of us should DO about this new reality!

Read below what the News has been saying to us  for the last year or so....
The need for company, love, and support is not something that diminishes as we grow older. In fact, a healthy social life is particularly important for seniors.   
Why Socializing Matters
Healthy relationships are necessary at every age, but the importance of socialization for seniors cannot be overemphasized. Consistent social interactions help keep people mentally, physically and emotionally fit. Of course, they also fend off the difficulties inherent to isolation and make our lives feel more meaningful in an overall sense.

Today’s children are growing up with screens at their fingertips. They have never had to live without smartphones, tablets or the internet. But studies show that too much screen time can have a negative impact on children. Their brains can actually change, according to The American Academy of Pediatrics. While smart devices can help improve your child’s education, too much time can be damaging.

   There are now nursing homes where not only are no relatives allowed to ever visit, they cannot even socialize within themselves!  Not even to eat in the dining room together.
      "Screen time" now is becoming vital for us all.  "Telecommuting" and 9-12 grades and universities shut down so that the only way to "attend" is to use screens.

Ironic, isn't it?   
And this might be the Reality for many months!

A doctor just now reports on CNN that he preferred to have lived in China as they handled the epidemic better.   There, many people stayed in their homes and only out for two hours a day and only to go buy food at one type of grocery store.  We all, here, should have done the same!   A cold hard shutdown 100%.
We did not!

So now we are.   Even the golf master's tournament is being delayed.

What we all should do now is to stop everything.  Do not go out.  Eat alone, a table for *each* person in the household 3 to 6 feet apart.  Social distancing to the max.  Screen time to the max.   Only Designated stores open.   No more then three people together at one time and six apart at that.  No hugs, no handshakes.   No movies, parties, sports, stores, schools.

We each should now be like"Monks in a Cell, in a *severe* monastery".  As like in Like "Trappist".   

I repeat: *A*lone  !!

Alone to meditate and to Commune with God.
Or...and.......on just What?

As this time is 2020, the beginning of the next decade, each of us should meditate upon just *what* each of us wants for America!    Do we want "to make America great again" in the way Trump envisions?
----develop those national parks into mineral resources.  Strip mines and oil!  Public lands too.
----the Amazon rain forest area should be developed into cities and farms and mines.
---embrace the sale of African animal body parts to China.  One Rhino horn can pay the wages of a park ranger for life, if he kills one rhino and sells the horn!
      Do we want $200,000 make-over kitchens?  Does one *need* another million $$$ after one made the first million $$$ ?

We are killing the planet [and ourselves]with our greed, materialism for its own sakes, and power/control.

   Who do we elect for president to be the spokes person for this new times?
When school teachers cannot afford to live in the city of their schools, and one of the prettiest cities in the country is filled with 100,000 homeless, and untold thousands are still awaiting fixes for the hurricane Michael  homes, children are not seen as safe to go out and play, anymore;    who do we elect and what kind of politics should we have?     Maybe we all should learn to embrace a form of socialism!
     Then even deeper, each of us should ask Questions about our lives, what do we each live *for*?  What is the meaning of life, thusly!  To make lots of money?  For more power and control?  To ignore morals and ethics?

In these Times, a Master Teacher has walked into the classroom, displacing the old regular teacher.  He carries an apple in one hand, symbolizing love and encouragement for the students and in the other hand he carries a long switch stick, a stick to whip the butts, spanking, till it bleeds, if he needs to!
    Listen to the Children, often they are the first to tell us What Is Going On, and what to do about it!
THE SNOWFLAKE CHILDREN!    Greta Thunberg.   This is *not* just about climate change and environmentalism though!   It is about True equality of opportunity for everyone.  Sharing, Love, goodness, Truth...the children cry!

----and I read an advertising  man write that "Children;s playtime is a resource to precious to waste.   We should start brand identity at the earliest age, to have every single toy be branded such that brand loyalty is set at that early age!"! [we mine even our children to satisfy our $$$ urges! We ruin our kids in order to keep us going more into Riche$.

"TOUGH LOVE"   is to be his curriculum. 
He pastes a large sheet of paper upon the wall behind his desk for all to see.
The Ten Commandments  is what is on it!  Next to this sheet is a second sheet, listing many of the sayings of Jesus, like "do unto others as ye want others to do unto you"!

  If he does not affect these students, there are other teachers awaiting in the faculty lounge.   Mr Yellowstone volcano.   Mrs  asteroid.   Mr world war III.   Ms Pole Shift.  Mr pandemic with a 60% kill rate!
    There is a mural-like painting on the lounge wall.   "The four horsemen of the apocalypse" is its name.


Friday, February 28, 2020

there is a commenter who seems bent on posting to *every* article that I write.

""XXXX has left a new comment on your post "we are losing our way":

Wow! this is Amazing! Do you know your hidden name meaning ? [click here to find your hidden name meaning.]''"
I have seen him comment on maybe ten posts now and for weeks.

there is no way to block the site.

do you all wonder why churches are now locked or even have fences around them?     why many people now do not answer directly their phones?     
the lowest common denominator  of our society sets the tone for all of us.    used to be the very best people set the standards for everyone to follow.


Tuesday, December 24, 2019

will the end times be delayed?

hi all.

I had a dream last week, a strange sort of dream where a sheet of paper was held up for me to read.  As i read it, I followed a voice narration;  someone was reading this news sheet to me.
[of course much of this narration is now from my memory, and I have to put some of it into my own words.]
    He bagan, at first, to describe people that he called "the Elites".   He expounded on this, that these people are at the top of society, the movers and shakers and the managers.  government officials, top CEOs, sports stars, etc.   then he focused on how many of these people are virtually soul less.   the rule with materialism, sex, power control, in mind!
      He then talked about the "illuminated" people.   [his word]. could mean several things.  he meant, i think, those old souls who are Awaked to the Inner spirit and are in touch with their High Selves.  he spoke then about that there are many more  coming into incarnation at this time, coming to try to turn the tide against the materialism of this age.
    he then spoke of how at a *certain* time, very close in the future, where there will be a ??? event that will wipe out all of these materialistic elites.  all at once, a crisis point for the human race.  within only a year or three! 
     He then said that the more of these illuminated old souls that there are, the better the outcome for all of us. 
[they are like beacons of light, lighting up the world.]
however, he says, that it takes time to Illuminate these young people!  they have to grow up and become wise, first.  thus, he says, that the present old souls are helping the young illuminated souls, just by being here, affecting their aura at a distance.
   *then* came the small bombshell, people!
----that they are now going to push this "end times" ???? event[s] further ahead into the future!   to give us all more time.  to get more and more illuminated souls to become "ripe", in my own words.  to get more souls to become Awakened to inner spirit.
   *then* he more or less gives a kind of "challenge" to me, a kind of "clarion call" to any and all older souls.   to have us all pray to the Lord and to our each High selves, to ask if it might be best if one were to live longer on earth, then one would have had the time set to die, at birth!!
[I chose to Ask.  subsequent dreams then told me that i *could* live at least another six more years, from my 78 years old, presently;  then be ready to have more extension, if needed!]  not everyone, maybe, will need to live longer then their high self Allotted time to live.   but some could!     thus i have to ask you all:  to those who might have been told that they are to leave the earth very soon, to reconsider!  to consider volunteering for a few or even many more years here on earth so to help the entire human race evolve in spirit.    a Grand Christmas  Gift,  then;  *US*!   the end times is to be delayed a few more years.  "few more years", though, might even mean 10 to 30 years more!   those of you who are like 30 years old and feel that you will leave soon, might find out to now to live until you are 95 years old, to become the Wise Old Woman or the "ascended-while-on-earth", man.
    so some of us would indeed become "Gifts" to the lower evolved of us, by helping more and more old souls Activate their inner high selves. 
for when the Harvest time will come, there will be many "ripe apples".     alas, some of elite-apples will never get ripe, no matter how long the extension is or how many old souls that there are to Radiate to them! 

merry christmas....freestone

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

meth and why people might be using it!

""“We are dealing with a very, very complex public health and national security crisis that we've never seen in this country, in regards to the drug trafficking and the types of drugs that are getting into the communities of America,” Derek Maltz, former head of the DEA’s Special Operations Division, told Yahoo Finance. “Methamphetamine is exploding all over America, not just South Dakota. Methamphetamine is being produced in the ton quantities in very large-scale laboratories by the Mexican cartels.” "

freestone says.....yet more attempts, alas, to  remove a vine by cutting off one leaf a week!    no one seems to be addressing *why* people do drugs!

a Hint as to why:
back in the very early 70s, marijuana, "grass" and LSD were being used by the hippies. they were using these drugs to expand their awareness, to Raise Consciousness.   But later I saw grass and LSD being used to *dull* consciousness!   to relieve the Pain of living, perhaps.   LSD also became just a recreational drug.  another way to dull the emotional pain.  "raising consciousness" has a terrible side effect!  one becomes much more aware of one's emotional pain!

once upon a time, wine was used for...."a jug of wine and Thou"!  "Thou, here means "God"!
commune with God?  not today!   used as a baseball bat to knock oneself over the head, to again remove the pain.

so lets ask the question: what is it that is so missing in the lives of people that they want to relieve this pain of living.   Thus in a sense these drugs are the very most highest state of happyness that they can get to!!
     our modern age, too, just makes one more aware of one's own psychological pains and giving us not so many ways of overcoming this pain!

no job.  no future.  gray skies forever, a terrible childhood......what would *you* do?!

if you remove these drug cartels, more will spring up to replace them.  and yet more....
in a terrible sense thusly, i sort of admire them, the cartels, , as they provide a desperately needed service to so many people!
Thus, in order to stop people from using these drugs, one must somehow get people to find a way to be really happy, and not just superficial happiness either; this happyness must enter their very soul and spirit!

*a* Solution: real spirituality!   not just some guilt inducing fundamentalism either!  a personal Jesus within, perhaps.
*a* solution: real counselings! 

also, i "blame" somewhat the "Liberal Left", here, for this drug problem!
the left wants to remove nearly all reasons for living!  every icon and religion to be taken away.  remove the family, remove the reasons for work and personal advancement.  not even songs sung in schools due to offensiveness to some people.  maybe the only purpose in life, left, is to make lots of money!  thus the Left is really supporting CAPITALISM!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

we are losing our way


Certain American men are dying 'deaths of despair'

“Significant sectors of our society are dying prematurely from preventable deaths (deaths of despair) and almost 20% of prime aged males are out of the labor force,” according to a recent Brookings report, “Geography of Desperation in America.”"

the map shows the states. its the same states with high level of drug use. people left behind. no college degree. too old at 50, no one hires them.
---freestone is playing the violin dirge as he writes this!

in times of radical changes, the "safety net" is now too too small to catch many people. there probably has been more change per year, now, for a number of years, then in most of recorded history, outside of major wars and disasters! the only historical similar, is maybe "bleak street" of Dickinson London, where the city filled with homeless men because the industrial revolution put them out of work.

the other side of the "pincher" is how we measure Success as $ucce$$. and even if someone were not to worship the all mighty dollar, society has it set up where very few can live without much money! so people are forced to put money ahead of everything else.
in the 50s, i knew of a man who owned a lake side cottage.. he made this place look really pretty, he "still fished" a lot. Still fishing, in a Finger lake, in upstate new york, meant that one would sit still in a boat and anchor 20 feet off shore and just sit there with a drop line or pole, maybe for hours. he would enjoy the still lake and the open sky. today?? power ski and jet ski and powerboating rules. quick and fast. if you join up, be prepared to spend big bucks! then too, today, the taxes on that cottage will be very high. then the environment rules on the sewer system. gotta keep this place up to expen$ive code$!
In my school, 1st grade through 12, all in one building, the two janitors , i think, worked there for all of their work lives. no wives had to work in my 1000 people hometown. some people drove to the factory town nearby and worked for 10 to 30 years. no more! the school now is super-consolidated, the factories are gone.
there seems to be little to *replace* this materialism money-is-all, way of life.

we all might be in the middle of a transition period between this materialistic way of life to a ???? maybe more spiritual way of life. the old is going away but the new has yet to arrive.

yet to arrive! but! even if this new way were to arrive, most people have not developed any appreciation of it! nor do most want to, they are still on that older bus and will not get off! having no job nor money is only at the other end of the stick of materialism. our materialistic way of life is not-so-slowly ruining the planet!

"if the new way were to arrive"? our schools have not taught any "other than materialism", for a number of years. our children need to be inspired and nowadays, imagination is not what is taught. nothing that develops souls, are taught. "common core" and other data-driven curriculum subjects rule.

materialism. Things and Money and self-ego-power-control, count for all! to have this or not to have this, is the same thing! the have-nots are still caught in the materialism trap! and again, our schools do not teach that there are other ways to appreciate life!
--take a teenager today. he or she is on a trip and "selfies" are maybe the only interest. they walk by historical displays, nature scenes, art gallery shows, and the schools have not planted the needed seeds into the souls! so there is little soul language present for the visitor to appreciate *with*!

we are way behind the curriculum curve! we *should* have, by now, developed our souls far more. most of us did not, do not. for instance, a tiny instance: we drive straight to our "vacation" of two weeks, on the interstate. death! no looking to the right or left. might as well travel in a box. get there as fast as possible. in europe, i read, people have a month off. most of us never even take the two weeks.
a man once told me that he works 80 hours a week. he then said that he would only sit around and watch tv, so he might as well get paid for his breathing! no development of anything else! way way behind what could be possible.

so what *is* this new way to come?!
development of our souls! development of Spirituality based on living with God!

maybe we should look at the christian mystics. the spiritual poets and other artists. not only present ones, but mystic people from even the 1700s to present. read what they say should be a life of soul and spirit.

emanuel swedenborg.

Rudolf Steiner.

but why go look at esoteric mystic, who often speak in a language where few can understand?
why not go to the very Source,
Jesus Christ and the rest of the Bible! not to just read the Bible and to read the Jesus teachings, but to apply the teachings to one's life! to live as to how Jesus would want you to live. His Kingdom , for instance, is not of this material world.
salvation. to have Him as your inner guide. His values are anything but our collective values of today!