Thursday, December 06, 2018

the foggy morning

a foggy morning at the Westminster Oaks retirement home, where I live.  so mysterious.  

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Cell Phone Capers: how phones Rule!

Cell phone capers, a freestone short story, a story that I make up.

Once upon a time, only days ago, a lady was in the doctor’s office, inside the hospital.  Her husband was there for a small operation. Doctor says that the operation will examine a small tumor, might be cancer or maybe not.   Doctor tells her to just continue with her day and later that afternoon he will call her to tell her what the lab found;  is it cancer or just a tumor.
    She is out driving, shopping.  There she is, getting ready to make that left turn at the intersection, in the left turn lane, three cars ahead of her and four more behind her.  At the *moment* she begins to turn the wheel, her phone rings!  She just knows it is the doctor to report on his operation and probably the phone will only ring several rings, as the doctor is always busy.  It must be answered *now*!   
[be ten times more distracting to ignore this phone, then to make that turn against traffic!]
Yes, she picks it up, *as* she turns, and yes, it is her doctor.  He tells her that the tumor is benign, safe, next week we will remove it, he is OK.
   But in her distraction, she “bumps” the car ahead of her.   The driver gets out, all full of anger.  Another lady.  She quickly walks back to the cell phone lady car,  getting ready to royally chew her out for using a phone while driving.    But just as she winds up to deliver her tirade, *her* phone rings!
“Hello”, she says, into the phone.  “Huh”!  “Whaaat!!”
[turns out the caller is her long lost brother.   A brother who moved to San Francisco  ten years ago and got into drugs and became homeless.   Been out of touch for all of those years.
“I am now in rehab and they are going to place me into a rooming house for rehab people and the job people are helping me get a job!”]
[she gets back into her car and drives over to the strip mall parking lot and then she goes up to the patio for the coffee shop cafe and then she spends four hours on her phone, with her brother.]

By now there are like 30 people standing around the sidewalk or by their cars, including two policemen.  Only minor damage to a fender but her car is still blocking the lane.    People are shaking their heads at what they have seen and overheard!
  Suddenly, nearly at the very same time, nearly *all* of the 30-odd people’s phones ring!  Including two personal phones on the policemen!   Everyone then takes out their phones and answers them.    Very soon everyone there Just Knows that phones truly come first, in life.  Mental telepathy has not been developed yet, so that Phones will have to do for now!  So when it rings, all other life stops!
[i have often begun a conversation with someone and suddenly her phone rings and that ends the talk right then and there!]

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

My dream visit to hell where I learn something profound about how to live my life, in the here and now!

The dream begins…….
I am in my childhood hometown and I am leaving my house to try to go to school. this is the last day of school before summer and today is final exam day. then graduation for those who passed. I had rummaged around my room for the backpack and a pen, I seem to be in a hurry to catch the bus. but there are delays! I miss the bus.

I am now getting worried. I am very scared that I am not going to do well on the tests. I had missed classes, over the months...etc.
I try to walk to town, only a mile or so. busses pass me by but I cannot seem to flag them down.  then I sit in the town café. dejected. the school hour has already begun. I missed the first exam. beside I have no idea where all of the others will be held. I feel like it is hopeless to now go.
I sit there mulling my chances and my options, all not good.
I hear a loud voice in the room.
"the quakes and disturbances will happen all over the world"!
[an interjected message from elsewhere. symbolic? maybe. or maybe not.]
suddenly this café and the town is in Tallahassee, where I live now! my option that I choose is to take a greyhound bus to Interlaken.
I walk the streets to the bus station and I seem to carry a lot of blankets with me.
now I am on the bus near the front. there are, of course, other passengers.
[like 1200 miles to Interlaken!]
Outside of Tallahassee I see a  strange cloud overhead. it is like a weather front but no rain. I can see clear sky to the south over Tallahassee. and clear sky to the north but the sky looks yucky yellow there to the North.
on the bus I lament that now I will be with mother, essentially homeless and now I will choose to *never* give advice, never be extrovert again. just a needy homeless person.
the bus drives to where the front cloud has now gone by and the yellow sky appears but the sky is not too yellow. just hazy. a slight haze.
bus goes on and on. up ahead I can see this level land changes. way up ahead I see a flat valley with no other side. maybe 300 foot down a gentle slope. still miles off. I seem to notice, that there is something very significant about this oncoming place. as the bus gets closer, I see how the valley edge is like a drop from a plateau, 300 foot slowly down. the drop itself is miles wide. before the bus begins to descend, I can see that there are buildings on the plains. and too, the plains itself seem to be tipping downwards further back.
I turn around to look at the rest of the bus and the maybe 20 passengers.
it is *here*  that the bus begins to morph into other realities!
Why, this dream, so far,  reads just like one of those Processing dreams, the type of brain dreams that everyone has.  My version is of this: “oh freestone, poor and nearly homeless going back to Mothers after failing the tests and all of that”.
Now watch this dream now go off of the Rails!!

  The Dream has changed!   The dream now is an astral travel dream where I visit Hell!

the bus.
I turn around to look at the ordinary people behind me. the guy next to me talks like one of those Northern city men, might even be my tablemate! he is angry as he says that the driver is playing solitaire cards and not paying attention to his driving!
I detect that the driver is at the rear of the bus! plus the rear of the bus looks more like a house room. with a door no less to another room next to it. my front still looks like a bus and there is a drivers seat next to me but the seat is empty. there is the four rows of passengers.
the bus as it moves; slowly morphs into something else!
I look out of the window now to see the bus seems to be swerving side to side on the road. then it drives off of the road ten feet and goes right through some bushes like there were not there. there are NO other cars on this road.
a nice paved road, slowly going down the hill into the sloping plains. now I see the bus has reached the bottom. now endless swamp, the kind of swamp full of trees. standing water on the ground. for miles.
then the swamp woods ends and now I see a city. lots of houses. all made of wood and decrepit looking. barns too, falling down. a forlorn place under a blue hazy sky. up ahead I see a another sloping down, the street road takes a steep dip down and down to a "T" intersection. the bus zooms down along the road without slowing and then goes right through the buildings on the other side of the T-street!
now, no road. only houses and open grass. still gently sloping down. up ahead I see statue-like stone monuments, all looking "occult" symbolic. the bus passes through these stones, they are like a gate and down again the bus goes, another road appears....
more houses. all looking like 90 years old.
all of this dream, in vivid technicolor and high awareness. a four hour bus trip condensed into one dream!
I then make a Pronouncement to everyone. I tell them in serious tones that this bus is going to hell and everyone here is to be Placed somewhere, in Hell.
suddenly that guy next to me vanishes. then I am He, I am he after he vanishes, he is in his immediate place and I experience what he is experiencing!
think,: I am on an open large parking lot, empty of everything and around me is a whirlwind. instead of leaves and dirt, there is only sharp metal shards! like broken glass. they swirl around him in like 80 mph, they cut him constantly. I feel every slice. might as well think 10,000 razor blades all swirling about this guy. a cut happens every second or so, as these sharp metal pieces slice over his skin. this goes on and on......there is no indication of this stopping any time soon, as I leave him to return back to the bus. for all that I know, he will have this experiences for days...weeks..months...years!!
[I can see how every negative thought about one being poor, homeless, worthless, a no-good, slices the soul! every bad self-thought is a slice, a cut. the the preamble of the dream infers what the metal shards really are, by Correspondence. failing tests, a poor self-image, "poor" in that the self-image is below the level of what one should live, being filled with Spirit, hurts the soul.
thus this dream is a warning to me, to anyone else, about how if one lives such a life, one is at risk for hell!]]
back on bus, which continues its trip slightly going down. I leave the dream now....but I can see this sloping plain constantly slopes downwards in fits and starts. somewhat like the hell in the Dante's Inferno!
I wake up.
so  the other passengers are still on the bus. they will be dropped off into their places. even lower down. the scenery does not fit the Hell stereotypes. but of course I have been warned, that the hells will soon be raised up into heaven and purgatory is beginning to rise, the sky is clearing. probably the "punishments" have not changed, the agony happens now under a nice blue sky with lush trees around. of course the poor resident will not notice the scenery much, not only because he is in torment, but that while alive he might not ever have noticed the nice world around him!
I also, had the distinct impression that I am not a passenger on this bus! as if I was really the driver. well, maybe not the actual driver, he follows orders and procedure, after all. I am the guide, the person in charge, of these poor souls and their placements. like *I* take them to hell.
---and much of the dream, especially the beginning, begins as an ordinary dream.
there might be a generic warning here too, to me, or to anyone else! pay attention to the nice things of the world. do not get upset about the bad things.
so that is it.
I cannot tell if that warning about quakes and disturbances infers a real series of earth changes or maybe about how souls live lives that bring them to hell.
[summery:    any self psychological mutilation, like feelings of lack of self-worth, guit, negative self-thoughts, symbolically flay the inner self.    Hurt the soul.   A life of this, without Repentance and  a spiritual life, could lead to one, after death, to spend tie in a Place where the “selfhurts” come back to you as physical objects!    Like standing in a whirlwind full of broken glass and you are cut over and over, just like you were in Life, cutting your soul with those negative thoughts about yourself!!]

Saturday, August 25, 2018

older people with 1930s way of life still rule our country!

I see that many seniors, after, say, 50 years old, keep as fixed biases, what they believed in as young people, from the 1930s....40s. thus all of the liberal ideas of equality, diversity, etc, fall upon these deaf ears and closed minds.

I have actually read that after age 35 to 45, for most people, the mind closes for new music and the new arts. Since most of us historically died when 40 to 60 years old, this was not a problem.


problem is...that most of our leaders are over 50!! and they control the wealth and power. thus this country is *still* in 1930 to 1950 mode! and will be for quite a while! until all of these older people retire and leave the media and influence scene. Yes, in many ways, our country is still in 1930s to 1950s way of life as it seems that the Leaders who count are all over 45 to 50 years old. The younger generation has the media people and the sports people, most are under 50 years old and have newer ideals. Thus the People at the helm, the control tower, have Policy that governs most of us, to be of that time period. Will be this way until all of them retire and go silent.


thus do not give up, younger generation!
be aware that for this older generation, change is often seen as a sign of weakness and you break before you bend!
be aware too, that the younger generation will *also* grow Old! be careful that you too will not ossify and solidify into a fixed mindset, as you age!

I do know some seniors who are over 75 who like new music and are liberal. Not every old person is fixed and conservative.



Sunday, August 12, 2018

global warming!!
      Here is another explanation as to why global warming is happening, other then mankind's own actions! Global warming is stimulated also from space!

Paul. LaViolette says

Deunov also mentions that our solar system is currently traversing an unhealthy dusty region of "contaminated space" called the "13th zone" which was left behind by the destruction of a constellation (or star?):

"Our solar system is now traversing a region of the Cosmos where a constellation that was destroyed left its mark, its dust. This crossing of a contaminated space is a source of poisoning, not only for the inhabitants of the earth, but for all the inhabitants of the other planets of our galaxy. Only the suns are not affected by the influence of this hostile environment. This region is called "the thirteenth zone"; one also calls it "the zone of contradictions". Our planet was enclosed in this region for thousands of years, but finally we are approaching the exit of this space of darkness and we are on the point of attaining a more spiritual region, where more evolved beings live."

Indeed, just as he prophecies the solar system has for a long period of time, perhaps for the past 3 million years, been passing through the rim of the North Polar Spur supernova remnant, a cloud of dust and gas left from the explosion of a star many millions of years ago. Astronomers acknowledge the presence of dust clouds even contacting the fringe of our solar system. Also most of the long period comets that enter the solar system, that many claim to come from the Oort cloud, actually are part of this interstellar debris field and are entering due to the Sun’s passage through this debris zone. According to the superwave theory I advanced in 1983, the presence of this nearby dust is responsible for why Earth has been going through a sequence of ice ages for the past 3 million years. For millions of years before that time we had no ice ages because we had not entered this dusty zone. For more information consult my Ph.D. dissertation, or read my book Earth Under Fire.

Also just as Deunov states, this dusty region is a hazard for many solar systems in our Galactic neighborhood. The NPS supernova remnant is believed to be located about 400 ± 200 light years from the solar system and to have a diameter of 370 ± 230 light years, thus affecting hundreds of thousands of star systems. His contention that it is a source of poisoning is also verified by my own polar ice research. As I have described in my paper recently published in Advances in Space Research, during the past few hundred thousand years, our planet has been subjected to the ongoing entry of tin-rich and lead-rich interstellar dust particles. One such particularly hazardous event, which occurred about 49,000 years ago, caused a hundred thousand fold increase in the rate of cosmic dust influx, produced a global climatic cooling, and increased lead levels in rain water 10 times higher than the EPA’s maximum health hazard limit. These tin-rich dust particles still enter our stratosphere in small amounts and according to a research group led by Dr. Abbott of Lamont Doherty, one influx of tin-rich and nickel-rich dust occurred as recently as 536 AD causing a modest climatic cooling and obscuration of the Sun for one or two years. Deunov’s prediction that we are about to leave this hazardous region is indeed welcome news.


Freestone says:
we know that dust from volcanoes or nuclear winter would cause a global winter. even a small eruption can cool the planet. interstellar dust is thinly spread. but there are 93 million miles of space between the sun and us. that dust has been causing, contributing to, a cool earth for those 3 million years spoken of. then if you add the axis tilt and other factors, an ice age will happen.

thus I think that a part of global warming is caused by our earth leaving this dust cloud! while our industrial pollution and cars are a great factor for global warming, this clearing of the space will allow the sun radiation to heat the earth more. dust clouds probably do not have a sharply defined edge, thus this clearing is a process that is not yet 100% complete. thus even if we "fix" our contributions to global warming, we will still have global warming!

in the future the earth will have a good climate! warm up to 65 degrees North, perhaps!

We will have to adjust!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


I live on this floor, in the health Center at Westminster Oaks, tallahassee.    Here are some bookshelves with lots of jigsaw puzzles.

I like to take pictures of where I live.   maybe most of them come from 1000 feet of my bedroom!

Friday, May 18, 2018

yet another school shooting

This happens every week. or more. yet another school or public area shooting. or vehicle-kill! I do not think banning guns will help stop this too much. perhaps banning assault rifles and ammo boxes might keep the death toll low. however, the Problem has its roots in deeper reasons, I feel.
the autistic can come out of the closet, the gay people too. handicapped people can have a life. the battered wife can leave. "me too" is a good thing.
but life has it where every coin has its other side.
the criminals and the angry people also can now  Express themselves!
and there is a lot of anger today. part of the problem to me is simple.
too too many people! not that 300 million in the usa is too much, it is also that so many people are cramming themselves into cities.
its been shown that overcrowded rat cages have rats that attack each other, die of stress diseases.
then add loss of jobs, loss of self worth. too too much focus on getting ahead and few consider that amongst any winner there also must be Losers! and there are a LOT of losers! and they are made to feel bad because they have lost!
Hawaii is a metaphor, the volcano erupts. how long before that volcano explodes?
and how long before our prisons and our schools look exactly the same?! already our kids often feel that they are in prison, in schools, as it is!
someone suggested that each person be required by law to carry a pistol with them, when they go out. a shooter or criminal might think twice before acting out!
maybe a spiritual life? well, all too too often spirituality becomes and excuse for some powerful person to "lord" it over his followers.
true spirituality must grow from within.....
and there will be another shooting, then another, and another....
a better idea: treat mental issue people with care and Love. do not use jails as mental asylums. in fact, re-establish asylums, but with care and love.
the best solution to shooters is in Prevention.
prevention in childhood and young adulthood. we have to have a society where personal worth as a person is upper most. right now, the lowest paying careers tend to be service-to-others, jobs. the highest paying jobs go to control and power and $$$ people. we reward materialism, power, sex, control, over all.....
one of the root cause of these Shooters, this!