Sunday, August 12, 2018

global warming!!
      Here is another explanation as to why global warming is happening, other then mankind's own actions! Global warming is stimulated also from space!

Paul. LaViolette says

Deunov also mentions that our solar system is currently traversing an unhealthy dusty region of "contaminated space" called the "13th zone" which was left behind by the destruction of a constellation (or star?):

"Our solar system is now traversing a region of the Cosmos where a constellation that was destroyed left its mark, its dust. This crossing of a contaminated space is a source of poisoning, not only for the inhabitants of the earth, but for all the inhabitants of the other planets of our galaxy. Only the suns are not affected by the influence of this hostile environment. This region is called "the thirteenth zone"; one also calls it "the zone of contradictions". Our planet was enclosed in this region for thousands of years, but finally we are approaching the exit of this space of darkness and we are on the point of attaining a more spiritual region, where more evolved beings live."

Indeed, just as he prophecies the solar system has for a long period of time, perhaps for the past 3 million years, been passing through the rim of the North Polar Spur supernova remnant, a cloud of dust and gas left from the explosion of a star many millions of years ago. Astronomers acknowledge the presence of dust clouds even contacting the fringe of our solar system. Also most of the long period comets that enter the solar system, that many claim to come from the Oort cloud, actually are part of this interstellar debris field and are entering due to the Sun’s passage through this debris zone. According to the superwave theory I advanced in 1983, the presence of this nearby dust is responsible for why Earth has been going through a sequence of ice ages for the past 3 million years. For millions of years before that time we had no ice ages because we had not entered this dusty zone. For more information consult my Ph.D. dissertation, or read my book Earth Under Fire.

Also just as Deunov states, this dusty region is a hazard for many solar systems in our Galactic neighborhood. The NPS supernova remnant is believed to be located about 400 ± 200 light years from the solar system and to have a diameter of 370 ± 230 light years, thus affecting hundreds of thousands of star systems. His contention that it is a source of poisoning is also verified by my own polar ice research. As I have described in my paper recently published in Advances in Space Research, during the past few hundred thousand years, our planet has been subjected to the ongoing entry of tin-rich and lead-rich interstellar dust particles. One such particularly hazardous event, which occurred about 49,000 years ago, caused a hundred thousand fold increase in the rate of cosmic dust influx, produced a global climatic cooling, and increased lead levels in rain water 10 times higher than the EPA’s maximum health hazard limit. These tin-rich dust particles still enter our stratosphere in small amounts and according to a research group led by Dr. Abbott of Lamont Doherty, one influx of tin-rich and nickel-rich dust occurred as recently as 536 AD causing a modest climatic cooling and obscuration of the Sun for one or two years. Deunov’s prediction that we are about to leave this hazardous region is indeed welcome news.


Freestone says:
we know that dust from volcanoes or nuclear winter would cause a global winter. even a small eruption can cool the planet. interstellar dust is thinly spread. but there are 93 million miles of space between the sun and us. that dust has been causing, contributing to, a cool earth for those 3 million years spoken of. then if you add the axis tilt and other factors, an ice age will happen.

thus I think that a part of global warming is caused by our earth leaving this dust cloud! while our industrial pollution and cars are a great factor for global warming, this clearing of the space will allow the sun radiation to heat the earth more. dust clouds probably do not have a sharply defined edge, thus this clearing is a process that is not yet 100% complete. thus even if we "fix" our contributions to global warming, we will still have global warming!

in the future the earth will have a good climate! warm up to 65 degrees North, perhaps!

We will have to adjust!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


I live on this floor, in the health Center at Westminster Oaks, tallahassee.    Here are some bookshelves with lots of jigsaw puzzles.

I like to take pictures of where I live.   maybe most of them come from 1000 feet of my bedroom!

Friday, May 18, 2018

yet another school shooting

This happens every week. or more. yet another school or public area shooting. or vehicle-kill! I do not think banning guns will help stop this too much. perhaps banning assault rifles and ammo boxes might keep the death toll low. however, the Problem has its roots in deeper reasons, I feel.
the autistic can come out of the closet, the gay people too. handicapped people can have a life. the battered wife can leave. "me too" is a good thing.
but life has it where every coin has its other side.
the criminals and the angry people also can now  Express themselves!
and there is a lot of anger today. part of the problem to me is simple.
too too many people! not that 300 million in the usa is too much, it is also that so many people are cramming themselves into cities.
its been shown that overcrowded rat cages have rats that attack each other, die of stress diseases.
then add loss of jobs, loss of self worth. too too much focus on getting ahead and few consider that amongst any winner there also must be Losers! and there are a LOT of losers! and they are made to feel bad because they have lost!
Hawaii is a metaphor, the volcano erupts. how long before that volcano explodes?
and how long before our prisons and our schools look exactly the same?! already our kids often feel that they are in prison, in schools, as it is!
someone suggested that each person be required by law to carry a pistol with them, when they go out. a shooter or criminal might think twice before acting out!
maybe a spiritual life? well, all too too often spirituality becomes and excuse for some powerful person to "lord" it over his followers.
true spirituality must grow from within.....
and there will be another shooting, then another, and another....
a better idea: treat mental issue people with care and Love. do not use jails as mental asylums. in fact, re-establish asylums, but with care and love.
the best solution to shooters is in Prevention.
prevention in childhood and young adulthood. we have to have a society where personal worth as a person is upper most. right now, the lowest paying careers tend to be service-to-others, jobs. the highest paying jobs go to control and power and $$$ people. we reward materialism, power, sex, control, over all.....
one of the root cause of these Shooters, this!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

the old and the young

28 and 82 years old!


When I was about 28, I was stationed in japan in the Air force. One day, at the chow hall, as I sat with my friend, he told me that he "had" to visit his aunt tonight. He is from the east coast near new York and his family was trying to get him to visit an obscure aunt who was a retired schoolteacher from Iowa,in her 80s and she was on a around the world tour. He plane had just left San Francisco and landed at Tokyo and she was staying in a Hilton Hotel downtown. Was Arranged that he would have supper with her tonight.


I will report, in a few days, my experience, he says.


Days later we sat again. He told me.

Yes the aunt. We sat in a western decorated hotel dining room and the meal was all American food. My friend was aghast! Here she was, in japan, and everything around her was "western". He told her, then, this: "everything is western, why...?!"

She replies that, "of course everything is western! Next week we all are going to New Delhi India and there will be a Hilton there too with western food. In fact, in the entire month this trip will last, everything will be American!

On the way over on the japan airplane, some of the stewardesses passed out some Japanese snacks on a tray, walking down the isle. Some of us, out of politeness, took some. I took a bite and then carefully wrapped it in a napkin to throw away later"!


Why did she even go, he tells me then! Was beyond him how she, a schoolteacher no less, could be so conservative.

[retired Iowa schoolteachers, on a 30 day around the world trip. Most were in their late 70s and 80s, even 90s.]


Well folks, one day only a few years ago, I thought about her trip. I am now nearly 77 years old and I live in a senior retirement place and I have heard that 20% of the residents are over 90 years old. Two of my meal seatmates are in their middle 90s.

I see now how It Is, for the retired school teachers on that trip!


Delicate digestion!


When one is over 80, or even before, not only that foreign foods might contain bacteria that creates bathroom "runs", but that unfamiliar food, highly spiced and made with different ingredients, one bite for a person might ruin her entire trip! Then too, seniors need more sleep and *any* unfamiliar bedroom might keep one awake. A trip of a lifetime ruined, for another teacher, due to not being able to sleep in an unfamiliar bed. Probably this way is the only way that these people could actually make this trip!

[the study of the Russian seniors who lived to be 100...110...115, the doctors discovered it was not the yogurt, it was that they had very little stress. If hail ruined their crop, it was the act of God, beyond their control. But surprise; the best predictor for a long life was that they ate at the very same time every day, went to bed, got up, at the same time and for like 90 years! Very *very* stable habit patterns!

[little wonder rock band musicians burn out at an early age! Road trips and random schedules....]




The words....regularity, dependability, habitually, surety, safety, security....these words and concepts are Balm to seniors! Required way to live!


Not all seniors are like this, of course. I am nearly 77 but I can feel the Drift! Why when I was young, on a long road trip I wondered why old people would check into a motel at 4 pm! Why, the day is still young, I would drive after supper until 8 or 10 pm. When I was about 50, though, on my last trip, I not only checked into a motel at 4 pm, utterly exhausted, but I slept until nearly 8 am the next morning!


Sometimes a friend takes out to Panaras coffee shop. I see all of the college students and young people On the Way Up. I can imagine them in their old age. But now, would I warn them of their fate? No! One should expand their awareness, reach out, grow, explore. Would I rain upon their picnic? No....


I know someone, here at the Oaks, who is 94 years old. He attends *every* exercise class! One day he came to four classes! Last month he flew to San Francisco for a math symposium.

So there are exceptions. The Trick still young in heart and soul and spirit, even as you trundle along on your walker!


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

I watched a college town die!

I saw a college town die!


I used to live in Ithaca new York . I grew up 20 miles away from that city and then I lived in the city for 2 years, in the 70s. A deep valley city. 700+ foot sides. On top of the east hill was Cornell university, an elite Ivy league school. Next to the gate was a "college town", they called it "collegetown". I used to love to walk up there and visit the three bookstores and the wonderful shops, all locally owned.

A deli that has been there for maybe 60 years, a ski shop, a record store, two or three large bookstores, with magazine racks so long that it was a hike to get to the end of them! Magazines from all over the world and obscure magazines that hardly anyone know that they exist. Junk shops, a natural food cafe. On and on....

In the late 70s, the deli owner complained about the rents now going up.


I moved away. I lived in my Interlaken hometown in 1998 and I was able to visit this collegetown once more. I took a bus up the hill and.....oh NO! I saw only three to ten story dormaplexes, very expensive condo-like living accommodations for rich students. On their first floor was very expensive bars and restaurants, all franchise owned. Where were the bookstores? I asked. Someone pointed over there, over to a store that now had built its own new building. I was told a major publisher had bought out the store and they only sell textbooks. I entered. Yes, textbooks. I asked where the magazine rack was. She pointed over there. I did not see it. I asked again. She pointed. She had to take me to it. Huh?! A tiny stand. Only Time and Newsweek; my interlaken grocery had more magazines, a country town of 700 people!


Corporate owned. The Violin plays.....nothing home owned. Costs the earth to buy anything. No soul what so ever. The Town had died. Not even a proper funeral.

Watch out, Tallahassee, where I now live! This is *your* collegetown future. Gaines street/railroad avenue, I am looking at you! Midtown too will probably Succumb eventually. Even now, the tree lined old downtown is being stripped of its history andtrees as corporate builds ever more luxury hotels. Soon, only concrete and steel will exist.


Every city, every pretty place. Corporate owned, now, or soon. Only the Rich may apply to live or visit there.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The soul Death of a city.

How a city lost its soul.

Tallahassee, florida.   Was founded about 1824, several men traveled from east and west Florida to meet in the middle of the northern area.  They found a waterfall cascading into a sinkhole and surrounded by immense live oaks.  So beautiful.
    A number of years later, the residents filled this sinkhole with their trash and eventually the city used it for a dump, then the railroad filled what was left.
   Recently the city began a park project in this area.   Sounds good.  However, the city wanted to remove some old buildings, i think they sold the land to a developer.  Someone who had nearly the entire are demolished, removing huge oaks trees and planning one of those mega-hotels.  Now there will be another ugly building just like those hotels in any other American large city.
    this place is the heart and soul of the city!  Its where the city began.

   I now consider the city has lost its soul.  Gone.  Poof.  Oh, the city will thrive and grow but now Tallahassee may well just look like Orlando or Atlanta, downtown. Just another big American city where the Big Boys call all of the shots.
   watch out, Gaines street/railroad avenue!   Will not be long before only Corporate is there, no local home owned stores!   Just student dormiplexes and high end bars and stores for the very rich.

there is a lesson in all of this, i see.  America now "worships" the very rich and the powerful.  we elect a president that reflects us all.  Money and Power count for all.  that is your Measure of your value and worth.

And, for I sense there is a "no blame" reason for this focus!  
once upon a time Life had Meaning.  the western Egyption/greek/roman/renassence ideals were what we followed.  All tied togther with the idea that God exists.
no more!
the liberals took away God.  the multiculturals took away *offending-to-someone*
culture.   Not even songs to sing in schools as someone would be offeneded at *anything* sung!
for many people the only meaning left in life is to do drugs.

ah but there is one meaning left and this is the only carrot to now dangle in front of the mule to urge him to get up in the morning.

money and power!

make lots of money.  have lots of power.  maybe it is time we all accept this way of life. have every university and college have a "minor" for every single career major, called, "how to maximize your influnces and earning ability".  have this a required course.  then have more tech and maintenance schools for to teach practical skills that have a high earning possibility. 

even churches embrace now *Abundance*    abundance$.   
even God does not like the Poor!
---there was a baptist chuch in my hometown.  the nearby pyrsbetarian church has a very good program to help the poor.  but one day i saw in this baptist church a large table with a tiny bag of rice on it, next to the bag was a sign, "for the poor"!   one bag!
I asked someone why just this one bag, he says, "god considers being poor is a judgement for your sins"!   that is, people, they deserve to be poor!  if they do not want to be poor, they should just get off of their lazy butts and go to work!  work to get rich and powerful!

so the future belongs to the big boys, unless a revolution happens.  then this process will begin again, all over again!  in plants, animals, people, Bigness counts for nearly all!  they found that in the 70s, for every inch taller a top CEO is, he earns $10,000 more a year!

[windows update decided to remove spell check from explorer 11!   now i have no way to spell check.  i discovered that finding an alternitive is not easy.  i could spend days looking.  even Chrome seems to be lacking.  so miss spelled words will be my forte from now on!!  even blogger, while,they have a spell check, it only highlights the mis-spelled word. there is no alternitive spelling offered!!  no good, absolutely!]

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

when I lived in Ithaca, ny , I used to visit the farmers market.  every weekday, of a certain day, there would be the tables and trucks with whatever was ripe for that time of year.   Today was a early fall day, the first frost had already come, and the apple sellers were out in force.  I could see to my left, a row of near identical pickup trucks sitting in a row with their backs facing the customers.  Apples.  lots of apples.  apples filled each truck bed.  there must have been four to six trucks here, all nearly the same age old.   with each truck came a man who must have owned the orchard.
    a good idea, this market.  the farmer can sell cheaply and bypassing the middle man, thus he gets a much higher price for his produce.

apples.  all shapes and sizes.  but each truck looked to have the very same species.
Courtland, spy, greening.  and Mackintosh, the apple of my heart and one that needs the very coldest climate to have enough hours to set the fruit.  you cannot grow apples in Miami!

I looked and watched.   five or six farmers in a row as the customers were walking by.  four of the farmers were sitting in their chairs.  the fifth man was standing.  guess who was selling 98% of the apples from these five trucks?!
--the man standing up.  he was not only standing up, he was moving about, telling everyone about his good apples, he was polishing an apple, he cut up apples for samples and often held a plate with his samples.  there were always three to ten people gathering near him.  besides the Show he put on, he was also busy attending his cash box and making change and handing out quarter and half bushels of apples.
---the other sellers continue to sit there waiting for customers.

the moral is obvious.  the squeaking wheel gets the grease, the Standout person Gets Noticed.


Saturday, February 17, 2018

we are killing our children!

n.    the Mirror Reflects.     the inner evokes the outer and then mass shooters of children and young adults arise to fulfill the Urge!
*we* are killing not only our children's souls but our own adult Inner Child as well.  our civilization is become more hostile to imagination and spiritual growth.   what career person puts his or her soul above all?!

 i will say it now again in caps, WE ARE KILLING OUR CHILDREN!
 thus we get shooters, of kids and young people at concerts.  they are Acting Out from our collective unconsciousness.
 how are we killing our kids? masters degree sister said it years ago, we were walking near a school in 1976 miami, several kids were throwing rocks at the school. sister says, "they are only trying to kill the monster that is destroying their souls"!
       two....our lifestyles kill kids, soulfully.
     orphans in the own homes, both parents work. our pursuit of all things material as an End. bad divorces, only one parent present. literally killing pre-babies, called "abortion"! helicopter parenting where the kid is never to play alone. too too much organization of the child's life, every moment accounted for, no free time to develop imagination. as one advertisement company says, "children's play time is a resource not to be wasted, have brand recognition begin at the earliest age": make children into Bonding with corporations for life. teach nothing of spirit. teach by example that the outlaw life is the only life worth living!
 on and on i could go; these examples point the way. maybe the only way to change this is that our *entire* civilization will have to change 5,000% ! at the rate this escalation of killing of our children AND the killing of our adult souls, our inner children, [yes, our inner child is also being killed.  by the  same events] might bring about ww iii or eruption of ten super volcanoes or an asteroid to change its path to strike earth!
[maybe too we get the weather we deserve, crazy people evokes crazy weather!]
[adult inner child.   nothing much to grow the soul or spirit, too little "pluses" to counter the negatives .   and lots of "negatives".    our work life.  our recreation life, what little there is of it.  why one of the true heroes of our age are the drug gangs and dealers as they bring the *only*  palliative remedy to many people's deep pain of existence, as there is no one else stepping in to help these in-pain people!  soul pain, not body pain!
---when someone has to drive 20 miles each way to work and our culture is being dismantled before our eyes, his inner child suffers, our civilization shoots this Child down.]
     i hear it now in my inner imagination background, the machine gun sound of guns firing, as tens of thousands of children are being wounded, all over the western world, every day!