Thursday, September 21, 2017

you influnce everything around you!

ah...very good.
this here freestone, maybe from growing up out in the countryside a mile from a tiny town, a town that is called by the residents, "the twilight zone", the tv series by Rod Serling, a town where Rod Serling is buried in the town cemetery, he wrote his stores here in this town:   I, who majored in weather, meteorology, Know that the weather that we get is not the random weather that we get!
the weather overhead is influenced by the collective unconscious of the people below!
everything influences everything!
---walk into a cafĂ© or pub feeling either angry or happy, what happens inside of this place is related to your state of being!   from the people drawn to you to the size and condition of the slice of apple pie that you get for desert, is not random.
"chapel perilous" !!
---someone once told me about this, maybe an idea from Allister Crowley.
a normal unspiritual person, who has little astral, etheric, spirit plane presence, has much less Influence to the surround around that person.
but if this person has joined some Magik group or otherwise been Opened to Development, where occult powers are activated, NOW the influences to environment  are hugely increased!
thus one has to now really also develop self control and discipline and integrity.  ethics and morals.  other wise all of one,s crap from their unconscious will ALSO   loop out into the outer world and Activate and influence!
ah...if one was a temple Initiate in a previous lifetime incarnation, oh Dear!   they are Opened by default, and from childhood onwards they are like a bull in a china shop fed a handful of caffeine pills!
some go insane!
some deny their faith.
some become Illumined.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

How rural poverty is changing: Your fate is increasingly tied to your town – The Washington Post

via How rural poverty is changing: Your fate is increasingly tied to your town – The Washington Post
the new Poverty zone, the rural areas with the small towns also. only those who cannot dream, do not leave! thus the poor, the elderly, the sick, remain behind. off to the largest metroplex that you can find.
the Post says…
.””That’s the story of the new rural poverty in America: If your hometown went south, you probably did with it, unless you managed to get out and had the wherewithal to not come back.
The poverty of Las Animas isn’t the poverty of Appalachia or the Mississippi Delta or an Indian reservation, entrenched and intergenerational, enforced by age-old hierarchies of race and class. It’s the kind of poverty that can affect anyone who finds themselves in a place when the native industries disappear, as they have in Southeast Colorado and other rural areas across America.
“It just led to other things,” Martinez says, of the lack of jobs growing up. “Anything just to get money, because there’s nothing here, there’s nothing here. Everyone is on some sort of income here, whether it’s welfare or Social Security, so it’s not like there’s people here who could pay someone to go do their yard.””
I, myself, i have seen these towns. empty storefronts. dying churches. 2000+ acre farms that look and act like factories, as they bought out other small farms as the little farmers leave. i lived in my hometown in the late 90s. a farmer sold his farm and his relative offered him a job in a warehouse in Philadelphia.
going or gone: the small town rural verities like , socials. boy scouts. dish to pass suppers, bingo, masonic lodges. and all of the traditions that made America what it is…..
i had a thought this morning at breakfast after telling someone about weedkiller in most of our foods, the thought was about what will replace all of our traditions? what will be the New ways of life for us all?
dark thoughts alert!
the vibrant urban dweller, at first the young people, then for us all older people as the years go by.
some adjectives: Bro. meterosexual. clubbing. transgen. rainbow people. vibrant urban. live your dreams. mobile phone texting as the heart of living.
the church will come last. jesus will not be a part of their lives, at all.
nearly all cities all over the world will have this very same culture. look at our youth, today: they set the trend for us all.
here is an example from my own 700 people small town.  in 1960, a girl in my class, a very strong believer  in fundamentalist way of life, went to college at Bob Jones University.  the most conservative fundamentalist college!
ah…but many years later I learned what happened to her.  she dropped out, went to another school, eventually got her doctors degree in psychiatry .  she opened an office in Manhattan to practice psychiatry .  she specialized with helping gay people and transgen people with their personal problems and identity acceptance.    she apparently had a lady live in partner too.
   at her obituary, recently, people praised her for her care and help.
I met one of her older relatives in front of her childhood home, the lady said that…”we do not know her anymore”!    I felt there were two meanings here, one…we do not understand her at all, and two..we do not WANT to know her anymore:  write her out of our lives!
—she lived her Dream.  only the largest cities will Do!  she left.
at the same year, a lady telling me about her bad divorce, she lived four miles out in the country, she says for three miles in any direction, a rural slum!  alcoholics, wife beaters, abusers, bad people.
    she left to finish college 1200 miles away.
I am glad that i am 76 years old!  i will not fit into this way of life!

Monday, September 18, 2017

the newspapers just keep walking away!

the newspapers keep walking away!
here at the Oaks, in the library, there is a table where there are three newspapers for us all to read. the Oaks subscribes.
I try to read at least one of them every day after supper.
I have been here now about three years, about a year ago, someone or someones took one of these papers long before the day was over, took it to their apartment or room. the librarian placed a sign on the table, "please do not remove these papers, they ar...e libary copies". to no avail. they once pasted *on* the papers a note saying the same thing. someone ripped off the note and took the paper and the crumpled note seemed to infer, "HA...this paper is MINE, i worked hard all of my life and now that i am retired, it is due for me! GOTTYA"!
they tell me that no one has taken papers for years.
I can see now why they take them!
---a few years ago the retirees hailed from the period of the great depression and the War. people took care more of each other and looked out for other people. church socials and cafeterias and boy scouts and mom stayed home to raise the kids.
the baby boomers begin in 1947. thus now the New Generation has begun to arrive here at the Oaks. the "me" generation! it is all about me. self actualization. the handicapped has better access, the battered wife can leave, the small towns empty as anyone who can Dream can Leave.
no more cafeterias, the churches are dying and the people who dream often end up being one of the top 5% as they made a good life with their dream$.
some of these people consider anything that they touch to be theirs. thus the loss of papers.
its getting worse now. rare is the day that all of the papers are there. yesterday, sunday, only two sections of the sunday Times was left. i expect that my paper reading days are nearly over!

Friday, August 18, 2017

the rapture maybe explained.

Here an interesting piece (not recent, by the good channeler Paul
Shockley, who worked from 1963+), on how the 'good' people leaving
earth is part of the plan. Yes, I can imagine that. May take thousands
of years, but eventually the unpleasant humans would get sick of the
nastiness, and of having no innocent victims!

"Entities living in such a condition
are basically starting over, and may find that the only good in
their environment is whatever
good they can generate from
within themselves and attempts
to spread it among others in
their environment on this hostile
planet in order to have anything
of enjoyment available to them
in that new situation.
In other words, when the good
people of the earth have been
taken to a higher dimension and
only those of hostility remain,
then those of the hostility
attitudes will recognize what they have lost and may begin to
understand the value of higher ethical and spiritual principles and
they may then wish to start making changes within themselves to
produce spirituality and good in a very negative and hostile world. It
will be a kind of
a new start of spiritual evolution
beginning at the very bottom of
the spiritual evolution cycle.

There are many entities who
have a great disdain, in fact, a
hostility, a disrespect for entities
who are spiritual inclined or
entities who are basically good,
or entities who are loving in their
behavior. They see this as a
weakness, and they have
contempt for this. But when
these entities have to live in a
society wherein all people are
like themselves: equally hostile
toward any signs of goodness,
hostile toward any signs of
spiritual and human kindness as
qualities held by entities; when
they find there are no spiritual
people like themselves, and they
get no reaction from the good
people of earth, and only like
themselves are there to relate to;
they cannot shock each other in
the same way that they could
shock a good person.
They cannot frighten each other
in the same way with the same
results, that they might frighten a
good person, a loving person. All
they have is mirror images of
their own hostility among
everyone they meet.
Then such
entities will realize they are truly
in a kind of social hell and that
the behavior they have adopted
for their lifestyle is that which
gives them no satisfaction
whatsoever and the contempt
they have for the good people
of earth, for the loving people, is
unable to be expressed because
there is no one around like this,
no one is kind to exhibit or exert
your contempt for; then these
people will find themselves
isolated and there will be only
one thing for them to do besides
try to survive and stay alive.

There will only be one thing of
any value for them, and that is
to find something decent within
themselves, to nurture and to
cultivate. That if this can happen
for a few of these entities, then
the evolutionary cycle of spiritual
development on that planet will
begin afresh, and after
thousands or perhaps hundred
of thousands of years, that
planet will again grow into a
civilization in which many entities
are ready to be raptured and
move into a higher frequency, a
higher dimension.

This is the pattern of the
evolution of humanity as it
pertains to the earth in its
historical cycle. It has long been
a place where the dropped and
placed for learning how to cope
in an undisciplined environment
and the long period of evolution
has led the earth to a point in
which the good can be harvested
or raptured and taken to a new
planet on a higher dimension
and enjoy a greater peace than
has been available on this planet
heretofore; and those of a
negative nature will be left
behind as the planet spirals
downward in its vibration to
lower frequencies that are
emanating from those entities
who have little spiritual value."

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Our civilization might be unraveling.

Our civilization is collapsing before our eyes!

The other day I was out walking and off in the far distance I heard a train whistle horn .    "Blah".   An industrial sounding horn with all of the romance of a gray freight elevator door closing, sound!
   Then I Realized, from that sound alone, our civilization is unwinding!
Once upon a time, years Ago, Amtrak, and other train lines, had a horn that warbled with several notes, ah such a mysterious evocative sound of mystery and exploration and wonder.  Made me Want to take a trip somewheres!
No more.  Not loud enough, the engineers said.  Away it goes.

Once upon a time the family took a trip by car.  Oh the mystery of riding along new roads, seeing farmers cutting hay, going through tiny towns and even stopping for lunch in Emma's cafe.  Local home made food.
No more.  Got to Get there quick?  The soul less interstate is taken.  You see nothing.  No one sees anything, all of the romance of that gray freight elevator!  You all ride for hours in that gray freight elevator!  You stop at a franchise fast food, just like the one you eat at near work, industrial food, quick fast and tasteless.
Fat free, sugar free, quick in and out, streamlining.  Kids even get bored in school as something with meaning will offend someone, so out it goes!  Thus the vacation is just as dull.

Ever so slowly, all of our Meanings, are being taken out of our lives.  Much of the time a "meaning" infers linking up with something greater than ourselves.  Ah no!  Must not travail our precious self and ego, must we!
Once God leaves, soon every single life meaning and purpose also Has To Go too!
Tasteless food, music, jobs, politics, etc.....soon follow.

Often if a person gets into this state of being, he gets angry and frustrated, often without knowing why!   There is no meaning to his life anymore!
She might now do drugs, or he becomes a sex driven man, trying to recapture something of meaning and purpose.
If driven to extremes, depending upon if he is a introvert or extrovert, he may commit suicide or if outgoing, he might take an assault rifle into a mall and bang...bang...bang!!  

Maybe this is one reason why we all voted the way we did, the issues of jobs and social stuff , is a mere cover for these deeper problems!
.....imagine someone now gobbling a pop tart for breakfast to run for that ten mile commute to a windowless office where the job is a paper pushers nightmare, then home again via traffic jam to a late dinner Alone, the kids are off to ballet lessons, and then some tv to soothe his addled brain.

A western civilization that has this problem, what is the Prognosis?!
Bad.....very very bad!
So many people angry and frustrated, why ww iii could be Evoked!  A super major "ah Muck it", to give the Middle finger to life and to go ballistic and nuke everyone back to 1880, where many of these meaning values once existed!  As if everyone grabbed that rifle and entered every mall! collectively, if turned inwards, this anger, to collectively "mind over matter" bring an asteroid to suicide us all, or to evoke eruptions of ten super volcanoes, to bring an end to this "life has no purpose or meaning" madness to an end!  Civilization suicide !   Why go on living, there is no meaning anymore to anything!


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