Wednesday, December 15, 2004

well i went to my dentist today for a cleaning of my teeth and i had a long talk with the dental hygenist. that talk was certainly a very *very* illuminating experience as far as health is concerned!

sometimes it is someone on the front lines, not back in an office or professor's lab, that finds discoveries!!

She tells me that for years and years she caught every little cold and flu that came down the pike. then she got her very first flu shot, when they began to offer them years ago. not only was there very few flu cases, now, in her life,
ordinary colds! probably the near-relations of flu virus and cold virus has to do with this. I never ever read that. i never heard that! that maybe that year flu vaccine would help with colds too! ordinary colds.

then she talked about her Mother. this mother of hers was not in good shape at all.
She lived alone and was in a bad state of health and mind. her house was a mess. her health too was in a mess. she coughed up flem and mucus all day long, constantly. she ate poorly too. mostly sugar foods and little protein.
no excercise at all, she spent 10 to 12 hours a day on her couch.
so this hygenist Took Steps. she got her mother to take daily walks, cold, rain, or shine. long walks daily. she got her mother to eat better foods and lots of protein. she permitted the cookies and stuff as long as meat and high protein was also eaten. she had a maid come to clean, to help mom tidy up the house.
now...her dwindlings had stopped, no more coughing up of mucus, no more sickness, and a better state of mind too!

excercise... like walking blocks and blocks a day.
better food...
a clean house....
more companionship....[the maid and the social life of more visits by relatives].

made a "new woman" out of her mother, the "dwindles" have stopped.
these four steps, above, alone, made all the difference.